Round Up Some Tall Tale Fun

Kids love studying tall tales.  They're fun American folk tales that also allow kids to learn a bit about life hundreds of years ago in America.  Paul Bunyan is my favorite tall tale, because he is the first one I read as a child.  I remember being mesmerized by the giant Paul Bunyan, and learning about hyperbole as I read about he and Babe his blue ox.  A few years ago, I created this free Paul Bunyan pop up book and hyperbole lesson.  The lesson focuses on hyperbole while teaching students about Paul Bunyan.

I enjoy incorporating art into my lessons.  I think it gives students something tangible to remember. It's funny, when I think back to the childhood lessons I remember - they all had an element of art.  I added an activity to this free lesson that allows students to make their own pop up books of Paul Bunyan.  I recommend using card stock for the art portion.  Either way, your pop up books should come out lovely.  Enjoy!


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