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Reading Aloud: 3 Steps to Reading SUCCESS!

Howdy!  My daughter is now officially a Texas A&M Aggie (as of last weekend) so I am practicing saying "Howdy!".
How to do a read aloud.

Reading aloud to our students should be a part of our daily teaching and reading strategy practice. Through my years of practice and research from all the major reading gurus, here is how I read aloud to my kiddos!

Before Reading:  Activate prior knowledge
During Reading:  Respond while reading
After Reading:  Think about and discuss

Click on the heart to get more information on reading aloud and a printable freebie too!  

Best wishes with your READING ALOUD!

Wanted - Missing Factors Freebie!

Help!  Sheriff Sam needs your help! That low-down dirty rotten scoundrel, Billy the Kid has stolen factors out of these multiplication problems and it is your job to round them up!
Wanted - Missing Factors Multiplication Freebie


An Apple for the Teacher

Classroom Rules - Be Safe

One of my favorite books to read when introducing classroom rules is Office Buckle and Gloria.

Be Safe is one of our three rules. It is a generic rule that encompasses a lot of different rules related to safety.  After reading the book, my students would get the chance to act out how to be safe and how to NOT be safe.  They always got a kick out of this and the chance to do what they are not supposed to do.

Then each child would get the chance to write a safety tip.  We would share these as a class and create an anchor chart.  I would add any important classroom safety rules if they weren't already added by the students.

My second graders loved reading this book and creating their own safety tips that pertain to our classroom and playground.    

Click the picture to download your free copy of the safety tip form for your students.

Free Colorful Lesson Planner Template

I am offering the lesson planner that I made and use for free. It has a section for the topic, materials, strategies, lesson body and follow-up (along with sub-categories in all of those). This is how I use, but no teacher teaches the same way - so feel free to alter and adjust it to suit your needs.

I love that I can just check off the boxes for the different strategies I am going to use in class.  They serve as a great reminder of how to differentiate the lesson to meet the needs of my students.

The yellow area can be a little tricky to read on screen, but I love the way the colors print out! I print mine onto thin cardstock and use my colorful, erasable pens.


Get a Ticket out the Door Template

On Pinterest there were some ideas for exit tickets where students answered a question on a sticky note and posted it on a decorated piece of tag board.  I liked the idea and created these ticket templates for my board.  (The numbers on each ticket are their student numbers.)


Artistry of Education

Conjunction Action Game!

I love finding new ways to practice using grammar in a fun and interactive way. This little game entitles each group to a card - they will fill in their responses and read them out to the class. They will lose 1 point for each error - the winning team gets an early mark, bag of lollies etc... (any prize of your choice).

Click on any picture to take you to the blog post where you could download it! :)

Math Lit Freebie

This is my favorite place value book. I made an activity for my students to do while we read the book -- you can pick it up at my blog by clicking here.

A Bad Case of Stripes

There are just so many wonderful books to choose from that go perfectly with the start of the school year. One of my all time favorites is A Bad Case of Stripes. It's so descriptive and lets the children use their imaginations. We came up with adjectives to describe how Camilla felt during different parts of the story. The freebie is a great follow-up activity to do after you've had some time for classroom discussion. This story really wouldn't be complete unless you tie in the arts. The favorite thing they did was paint. Honestly, that was the easiest part of my prep too. Go figure. Enjoy your week.
Grab this freebie.


FREEBIE! Tiered Writing Checklist Bookmarks

As you set up a writing centre or plan your writer's workshop, consider using this package of bookmarks with your students. The bookmarks are tiered to meet the different learning needs of the students in your class. Students come to us at different stages in their writing development. Consider each student and determine which writing checklist bookmark is appropriate for that student. The bookmarks are provided in colour and in black and white to reduce copying costs.


Use the bookmarks as a reference tool for students or as a checklist when handing in their assignments. Copy the coloured bookmarks onto card stock and laminate for continual use. Photocopy the black and white bookmarks on regular paper and have students use the bookmark as a checklist and then attach to their piece of writing.

I hope you find a use for the writing checklist bookmarks in your classroom.

Until next time ….

Free Kindergarten Weather Unit

Start kindergarten the easy way with this free weather unit.  It contains lesson plans, common core checklists, worksheets, writing prompts, concentration game, weather charts, word web, vocabulary PowerPoint, handwriting practice, letter line cards, binder cover, and so much more.  This unit is aligned to  Next Generation Science and Common Core Standards.  It will make the start of your school year a breeze!

Making Reading Fluency Practice Fun

This is the week that I officially get to know my new students. They popped by on Thursday for Meet the Teacher, but I think it is so different getting to know them sans parents. Based on the data I already have, reading fluency is going to be a big focus for my intervention group this year. However, I feel like many of the research based methods can get so boring. I mean how many times can you do a repeated reading before you want to scream and run away? No wonder they begin to hate is hard and we make them do it over and over again!

That's where these repeated reading cards came into play. Each one contains a fun or silly way to complete a repeated reading. Read like an alien? Check. Like the president? Yep! Like an old man? Always a fan favorite. This year I will be using these cards as part of my fluency station, and I will be using progress monitoring checks to help me track progress. I've used some during our poetry unit in the past (just for fun), but this year I am going to really need them for concentrated intervention so I am excited to put them into a new use. 

Want to try them out? Just click the picture below to download a copy for your classroom!

Happy reading!

First Day Poem from Teacher to Parent

Lots of us have made the popular "First Day" frames that we see on Pinterest. I made mine last year when I began to teach kindergarten for the first time. 
I thought it fitting to get my husband to take my picture on my first day of kindergarten in 2013!
When I took the children's pictures last year, I printed them out and wrote a note to each set of parents and  put the picture of their child in the note. The parents loved it!
 Well, this year I decided to write a little poem that I could copy, print, and glue on each picture. Then, I thought it would be nice to buy an inexpensive clear acrylic frame to put it in and place in a small colored bag as a gift to the parents. They turned out so cute that I had to make the poem with the design border as a freebie. 
If you click the top picture, you can download this freebie. The poem is on 5 different colored chevron borders. There is a poem for each gender. I wish you a wonderful 2014-15 school year!
Linda Groce

Make a Pattern from Your Name

Here is a quick art project I have students complete near the beginning of the year that emphasizes pattern.  To download the free printable and get more detailed directions, visit this post on Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education


Fall Phonics Fun

Welcome back to school!  Welcome to fall!  I created a cute fall worksheet for you and your students to enjoy.  This worksheet helps reinforce phonics skills and beginning sounds.  Children can color the leaves and apples based upon their beginning letter sound.  Click the picture above to get your freebie!

2nd Grade Common Core Morning Work

Here's a fabulous way to get your second graders off to a great start!  This week-long daily review includes both Language Arts and Math practice aligned with the Common Core.

Click on the image above for your copy.  Enjoy!


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