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EdTech Websites

EdTech Websites


This resource contains a collection of educational technology websites divided into categories.  I have successfully utilized all of these amazing websites with my classes to enhance learning.  Links to lessons for how to use each of the websites are located at the bottom of each of the slides.

1. Presentations (Prezi, Haiku Deck)
2. Multi-Media Posters (Glogster)
3. Blogs (Kidblog)
4. Mind Maps (Popplet, Slatebox)
5. Online Response System (GetKahoot)
6. Comics (Bitstrips, Comic Life)
7. Writing (Storybird)
8. Photo Editing (PicMonkey)
9. Surveys (Survey Monkey)
10. Electronic Badges (Classbadges)
11. Classroom Management (ClassDojo)
12. Multi-Media Wall (Padlet)
13. Online Whiteboard (
14. Collaboration/Social Network (Edmodo)
15. Animated Video (GoAnimate, Powtoon, Dvolver)
16. Video (Animoto, MovieMaker, TubeChop, WeVideo)
17. Google Drive
18. Microsoft Office 2010
19. Microsoft Office 2013
20. Infographics (Piktochart)
21. Websites (Weebly, Wix)

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Scientific Method

While it's summer break, it's never too early to start thinking about preparing for back to school!  I like to relax over summer, but I also like to start thinking about what I'm going to do differently the next school year and preparing at a slower pace.

One thing that is always on my list each year is science.  How can I include more science?  It just seems that science always ends up taking a back burner to my core subjects.  The best way is to try to implement science right away with the scientific method.  I always read the book Mad Margaret Experiments with the Scientific Method by Eric Braun.  

To help you get a great start in science this upcoming school year, I've got for you this free Scientific Method Outline and posters

 You can either click on the words above to download it directly from Google Drive, or you can head over to my blog and read it about it and download it there for free!

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Summer Rhyme Time- Part 5 by Looks-Like-Language

We are getting close to the actual beginning of summer and the longest day of the year! Don't you love those long days of sunlight? I know I do!

But, if you are a parent looking to fill up those long summer days with worthwhile activities, or a teacher/SLP working this summer, be sure to catch all of the downloads of summer rhyming. You will have a complete, free packet when you are done!

Download the game board at my blog here. You can use it with the rhyming game cards or use it as a stand alone fun activity. Enjoy it!

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Spiders are fun to teach any time of the year! Here are three fun activities that incorporate spiders and literacy. The activities include Spiders: True or False, Spiders: Fact or Opinion and How Many Words Can You Make from Arachnophobia?

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Learning Journal

Why is it that, no matter how much stuff kids actually do all summer long, they always seem to give us blank stares when we ask, "What did you do over the summer?"  

Help your kids or students remember their awesome summer adventures and keep learning all summer long with this free printable summer journal page (from my summer learning packs). 

Use this page for:
-summer school homework
-trip/ vacation journal
-camp diary
-gratitude journal
-word of the day

Happy (Summer) Teaching!!

FREE! Grading Guidelines for the Secondary Teacher

This 5-page document reviews research-based grading guidelines for the secondary teacher.

Topics covered:
• Grading Scale
• Formative and Summative Assessment (definitions and recommended grading percentages)
• Components of Quality Assessment
• Homework (Types and Time Allotted for Homework Recommendations)
• Mastery of Standards Over Time
• The Impact of Zero
• Student Involvement in Grading

Information gathered from books by Robert J. Marzano

Secondary Grading Guidelines 

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Summer Reading Letter Activity

The best way to keep children reading over the summer is to find that perfect book that they can't put down. Another way to inspire reading is to actually make contact with a beloved book author. Encourage your students to write to a book author this summer.

It is also a great activity for back to school because students can share books they read over the summer, complete a mini research project to find contact information for a published author, and complete a fast writing assignment to get back in the writing groove.
CLICK HERE to download the Book Author Letter Writing Activity from my teacher store.

CLICK HERE to read tips and tricks for generating reading lists to keep kids engaged with books this summer.