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States and Capitals

Do you teach the US states and capitals in your class?  I blogged all about my memories of having to memorize these in 3rd grade and what I'm doing to help the 4th grader I'm tutoring with this same task HERE.  I knew I needed something more engaging than just using flashcards.  I decided to make task cards with QR codes.  She loved being able to practice states and capitals and use my phone and tablet to scan and check her answers.  I sent them home with her knowing she can now practice and self check on her own.

I put the West Region in my TpT store for free.  Click the picture below to download your copy.

A Story Map: Elements and Events

 This graphic organizer may be used as a reading response for fiction or a prewrite for a narrative.  To download this one-page freebie, please visit my post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Earth Day Writing Prompts

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?  If you still need something to do, I have a few writing prompts that you will enjoy.  I love to plan bean plants and watch them grow over the days ahead!  Anyway, please stop by and pick up your free earth day writing prompts!

Explore Metaphors and Similes with Color Poems

My fourth graders are still quite literal in their thinking. 

Recently I asked my class to follow me blindly, because I needed them to avoid the front of the school where police and paramedics were working with another student.  I meant follow me on an unusual route to P.E. without asking questions.  One of my students was happy to follow me, but she wondered how we were going to walk down the stairs with our eyes closed.

One way to stretch my students figurative language is to teach them about metaphors and similes. 
Come visit Artistry of Education and pick up the lesson I use -- Color Poems: Exploring Metaphors and Similes.

Artistry of Education

Earth Day Worksheets

It hard to believe it is almost Earth Day! Before we know it, the school year will be over.  YIKES!  Anyway, I have a few free earth day worksheets on my site.  Please stop by and grab them!  Remember...reduce, reuse, recycle!

Text Structures Anchor Chart

Hi there!  This is Hannah from the Classroom Key.

  A couple of months ago I was watching the movie Fargo without knowing anything about it ahead of time.  At the beginning it says that it is based on a true story.  So as I watched, I was paying close attention to the crime as it was laid out, trying to piece it all together.  By the end of the film I wasn't very impressed and couldn't figure out why it was critically acclaimed.  I obvious didn't "get it."  I looked up some reviews online and realized that the intriguing part of the movie was supposed to be the idiosyncrasies of the culture in Minnesota.  If I had been looking more for the humor and the culture I would have enjoyed the film and understood it's true intent.

Our students have this same experience when they pick up a new text without much/any background knowledge.  If we want to help them comprehend nonfiction text, we need to teach them to look for the text structure.  If students realize that the author is using compare and contrast they can start looking for important similarities and differences.  If they notice a sequence they can look for important steps or events and the order in which they are presented.

Here is a free anchor chart to help students identify the 5 common text structure in nonfiction text.  It's perfect for putting in a reading notebook, projecting in front of the class, or using with a small group.  Click on the picture to download it.

 FREE text structures anchor chart

Have a great day!

Close Reading Plan Page

Hey, it's Hannah from The Classroom Key!

Close reading is all the rage these days.  The problem is, it seems to be about EVERY reading strategy all at once!  How do you craft a close reading lesson that is focused and helpful to kids?

Here is a planning page to help you use close reading with ANY text.  Plan on reading the text three times.  For each reading, choose a skill to focus on, set a purpose for the reading, and use suggested follow-up questions.

Click the picture to download for free!

 FREE close reading plan page for ANY text

 FREE close reading plan page for any text

Best of luck!

Poetry Writing Freebie for Poetry Month

Can you believe April is here? April is Poetry Month and I just released a new freebie for it! 

I have been super busy working on a comprehensive poetry writing product. It's not ready yet, but you can get a free sneak peek with my Pyramid Poetry product! Students will write their own fun pyramid poems! I . Click on any image below or head over to my blog here to  pick up the freebie! Let me know what you think!

Here is a little sneak peek of a few of the pages!  There is also one more page included in the freebie that is not shown here.


Earth Day Fun

Grab this All About the Earth - Print & Go Sample Pack for 3 free activities to go with an Earth Day theme!
All About the Earth - Print & Go Pack - FREE SAMPLE

Included in the Sample Pack are the Color by Number, Color by Continents, and a Roll, Add, & Color page.
Have fun! 

Practice Writing Dialogue

My students struggle with writing dialogue and putting all the punctuation in the right place.  I created this sentence frame to scaffold assignments with this skill. 
At first I give this page to all my students and have them create a conversation between two characters.  The characters can be ones the students create or ones connected to another assignment.
I have students copy the page over onto notebook paper to practice the format of dialogue.  I use additional pages as support for students who need the additional practice.

Artistry of Education

Earth Day Graphing

Hey everyone! It's almost Earth Day and it finally feels like spring in New England! With that in mind, I have a freebie for you! Have your students practice their bar graphing skills while having fun and with an Earth Day theme! Click here or on the image of the cover or preview page below to grab it!


Cute Spring Game for Your Duck and Pond Themes- Free!

Are you teaching about ducks and ponds with your little ones this spring?

 If you work with small groups, this is a fun open-ended free game for spring. Use it as a motivational game for any skill, or with the included final /k/ cards to support phonological awareness and articulation. Read more about this freebie by Speech Sprouts HERE.

Have fun!

Small Group Mathematical Reasoning Activity: Odd One Out Vegetables

I have created an entire series of Odd One Out activities for my students.  I divide my students into groups of three or four and have them decide which of a set should be left out.  They need to defend their answers with mathematical thinking.

The sheet pictured above has two activities on it.  I make enough pages for each group and staple the half sheet to a piece of notebook paper to record responses.  I require each person to record their own handwriting and initials on each assignment.  I also require a minimum amount of statements.

Artistry of Education

Word Family Dice and Board Games

Grab these two fun word family board games from Liz's Early Learning Spot! Excellent for practicing all those -in words.

Both the 3-letter and 4-letter board games and dice come in color and black and white so you can use as much (or as little) ink as you like.

I hope your kids enjoy them and wish you happy teaching and learning!

Basketball Reading Readiness Worksheets

A little late, but still fun.  My team was in the Elite 8 and our Women's basketball team made the championship game.  I created some fun basketball worksheets to celebrate.  I posted them on my blog and then I realized that I never shared them here.  Well...they are still fun, so -better late than never!  Please stop by and pick up your fun basketball themed worksheets, great for preschool and kindergarten.  If you know my blog, I love to talk about reading readiness...  so, I called these reading readiness fun pack! Enjoy!

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