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4 Thankful Journals to Inspire Your Students & FREEBIE!

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from 

Free Thanksgiving writing papers sure to inspire your students to reflect on what they are grateful for.
FREE Thanksgiving writing papers

It is so important for ALL OF US to reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives.  Our kiddos are no exception!

Free Thanksgiving writing papers sure to inspire your students to reflect on what they are grateful for.
Give Thanks!  Freebie!

You will want to grab this freebie!  There are four different Thanksgiving writing papers for you to choose from.

Differentiation will be a snap!  Some of them are a full page of lines and another is a half page with room for your kiddos to draw a picture and illustrate their writing.

Free Thanksgiving writing papers sure to inspire your students to reflect on what they are grateful for.
Grateful writing freebie

When you follow the link, you will also find a list Thanksgiving journal writing topics.  The topics range from serious to silly. 

Please click here to download your freebie and find a list of Thanksgiving writing topics.

Best wishes!

Thanksgiving Freebie for little readers

I am so thankful for many things: family, friends, good health and a bountiful harvest.  Today I have a few free Thanksgiving worksheets for beginning readers.  There are a few color by sight word and color by letter pictures.  There are also a few other ones just for fun.  These worksheets are good for preschool, kindergarten, or first grade-ish   Hope you enjoy!

Thankful for Freebies

There are so many things that I am thankful for. I have a wonderful, supportive family and I love my job. I am thankful for Charity and her vision for this site. I am also thankful for wonderful freebies that help others in the classroom.

Here are 3 Thanksgiving themed worksheets for you. One for writing, one for math, and one for fun! Click on any of the pictures to get all three.


Division Fact Fluency

A week ago, I shared Quiz Me Multiplication with the Classroom Freebies Too community.  Just as my students need to practice their multiplication facts.  I also have them practice their division facts.

To download this two page activity, go to this post on Artistry of Education.  I print out the page back to back and put it in a plastic sleeve.  It becomes a quick daily practice as a part of math menus.  Students go over a column of facts then have someone else "Quiz Me."  I also send the page home for homework.

Artistry of Education

Penguin FREEBIE! Let's Get Ready for the Holidays!!

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from 

FREE penguin clip art kit to help you celebrate Christmas!
Penguin clip art

Are you looking for cute winter inspired clip art?   

This precious little penguin is ready to help you jazz up your teaching materials and classroom decor.

Here is a FREE clip art set:  Penguin Mini-Kit.  Click here or on the graphic below to get yours.

FREE penguin clip art kit to help you celebrate Christmas!
FREE Penguin Mini-Kit

Best wishes!

Making Words Language Arts Center

Looking to shake up your centers a little?  Teach your students this simple making words activity!

You will need some letter tiles or letter cards. I frequently find games with letter tiles (Scrabble, UpWords, etc.) at my favorite thrift stores for next to nothing.

Here's how it works:
1.  Students draw ten letters at random and write each letter on a line at the top of their recording sheet.
2.  They use their phonics skills to arrange the letters into a word.
3.  They record the word on the provided recording sheet.
4.  They continue rearranging their ten letters to make and record more words.

To focus on a particular phonics skill, give then "free" letter patterns (like a_e, ing, ar) that they can use even if they didn't draw those letters.  This freebie includes a simple recording sheet with no free letter patterns and a recording sheet with digraphs as free letters to encourage students to practice spelling words with digraphs.


                                                                     Hannah Braun

FREE Starry Night Background Papers Set

Who doesn't love looking at a beautiful starry night sky? 

And who doesn't love having lots of awesome background papers for their projects?  

Kill both birds by scooping up this set of free night sky papers.   I just created them for my space theme and I'm happy to share them with you!

Click here to get to the product

Corinne, Chirp Graphics

Thanksgiving Freebie - Place Value

Happy Tuesday everybody!

 I'm back from Reading and Writing Redhead to share with you a Thanksgiving place value freebie. You can get the lowdown on it over at my blog. It covers CCSS standard 2.NBT.1. If your students could use some review give this a try! Click here or on the image below to grab it from my blog!


1st Grade Holiday Common Core Morning Work

First grade teachers, here's a great week-long holiday pack for your kiddos!  They will love it so much, they won't even realize they're learning right up until winter break.  You can use it any December week or right before winter break.  Enjoy!

Family Thanksgiving Traditions: Descriptive Writing

Two years ago, one of my parents was completing her degree and she needed to make a presentation.  She asked if she could visit my classroom.  She shared a poem she wrote about her Thanksgiving traditions including the various cultures of her family.  Then my students were invited to write.

I included a 5 senses organizer in my version of the lesson on Artistry of Education.  I encourage students to look beyond the obvious and include unusual details.  Most family dinners don't look like the ones on TV.

Artistry of Education

Pumpkin-themed Writing Paper

There are lots of writing activities you can use this writing paper for. 
During the month of November,
I made it to use as a response to several books we've been reading. 
Among several themes, "being thankful for what you have" was one of them. 
Just about any book with a sad situation can meet that theme, with your students. 
For example, after we read the book, Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting,
we discussed how thankful we all were that we all had a home to go home to,
and did not live in an airport like the boy in the story. 
Afterwards, we used this paper to write about how thankful we were.


3rd Grade Grapevine

FREE Thanksgiving Math - Color The Turkeys!

If you're looking for quick NO PREP Math activities for Thanksgiving, check out this FREE Thanksgiving Math "Color The Turkeys" activity sheets!

Kids will have to compare two 2-digit numbers, solve addition and subtraction equations within 20, and decide if the results are odd or even numbers. When they complete the activity, they'll have a page full of cute, colorful turkeys. The best part? They won't even notive how much work they've done!

Click on the picture below:

 Free Thanksgiving Math - Color the Turkeys!

Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

- Lucy S.

Bullying Prevention Posters

We are very busy this week focussing on Bullying Prevention Awareness initiatives. But I like to keep the learning front and center even after the week is over. Classroom posters are a great way to keep the learning visible in your classroom.

Click here to pick up a copy for your classroom.

Teddy Bear Day

In first grade Teddy Bear Day is such a fun day for students. Take a peek at the fun activities we did for Teddy Bear Day and grab my free gummy bear math pages and torn paper bear art project.

Click on either picture to see all of my Teddy Bear Day activities and get the cutting directions for this art project.

Thanksgiving Story Problems Freebie!

Hi everyone! It's Bex here from Reading and Writing Redhead and I have a Thanksgiving math freebie for you! It includes addition and subtraction number stories and is in my favorite cut and glue style! Gets the children working on their math skills and practicing fine motor skills too!

To find out more and grab a copy, click here or on the image below and Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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