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Top Ten Lists

One of the strategies I use in my personal writing is making a list.  Not only do I use this strategy for brainstorming a topic, but I use it to create beginning sentences, ending sentences, and details in between.
It's also my favorite writing strategy I use in teaching.
Here is a post called "10 Ways to Use Top Ten Lists Freebie," and of course you can pick up the freebie while you are there.

Artistry of Education

Halloween phonics worksheet

Free Halloween Phonics worksheet

Halloween is around the corner....what better way to celebrate than candy corn word families! 
Happy Halloween!  

My First Day Back Freebie

Well it is my first day back to school with students. I am at a new school so I am excited and nervous all at once.  I am not sure what to expect of my students so I have a lot of time filler activities on hand. Here is a Back To School worksheet that I have ready to go if need be.

I hope you have/had a great first day back!


Free Reading Strategies Poster and Bookmarks

I have been teaching upper elementary for the last twelve years,  but before this I taught in the primary grades.  I developed this poster and set of bookmarks for my own classes, and thought I would share it with you.  Stop by Artistry of Education to download this Reading Strategies Poster.

Artistry of Education

Multiplication Freebie!

Learning the multiplication facts can really give kids the "Heebie Jeebies"! Using fun math games, and a great freebie can help ease some of that fear! I especially like to include a coloring picture for kids to color once the multiplication problems are done. There's just something about coloring that really soothes an anxious child! This post includes not only the freebie, but links to great games that help kids learn those tricky facts!


Short "A" Booklet

I know many of us first grade teachers will be starting of the year teach CVC words with Short "A". Keeping them engaged is vital and using interactive activities is a wonderful way to do this. Use this booklet as a whole group activity or as a center. Enjoy the last day of your long weekend.
Grab this FREEBIE here.

Polka-Dot Calendar

Back to school time means that it's time for new calendar pages! This is the calendar that I use in my planning binder. I wanted it to be colorful, vertical, and have polka-dots (I sort of have an addiction. Please don't judge =) 

Light Bulbs and Laughter FREE Calendar on Teachers Pay Teachers

 Simply click HERE or on the picture to download.  These are in a PowerPoint file, and are editable.  Add a text box and type anywhere you like!  Or just print them out and write in your information. They begin with Monday through Friday, and the weekends are slightly tinted to differentiate them from the weekdays.  I hope you find them useful.  (And I hope that polka-dots make you smile =)

Happy Teaching,
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Letter/Sound Flip Books

Looking for an easy letter/sound activity? These alphabet flip books are a great way to let your young students practice the letters and sounds in their names.

These are so simple to prepare. Use 12 x 18 white art paper. Fold it in half lengthwise. Open it up and using a paper cutter, carefully cut to the fold line. I measure my cuts to be every 2 inches for students with 6 letters or less. For anyone who has a longer name, I go down to 1 1/2 inch cuts. Students then write their name on the top with one letter on each flap. Underneath they draw something that begins with each letter.

Olivia = octopus, lollipop, igloo, vase, ice cream and apple

Scientific Tools- Vocabulary Cards and More

Hello Friends!
I decided to make my science vocabulary wall a bit cuter this year... I thought you might want to as well!  Scientific Tools- Vocabulary and Teaching Points is designed to help with just that!

These engaging vocabulary cards are sure to brighten up my science wall. 

 I plan to display this teaching point on my focus wall while we are studying scientific tools. Then, I will add it to a board in my science center titled "What scientists do" for the rest of the year.  I am hoping to collect my science teaching points here to make this a meaningful way to pull all of our learning together this year.

I hope you and your students enjoy!

Cause and Effect Practice

Hi everybody!  It's Bex from Reading and Writing Redhead and I am in the throes of getting ready for back to school - how about you? I bet most of you are back already! Here in New England a lot of us don't go back until the day after Labor Day - but we have school until the very end of June!

I wanted to stop for a minute during this busy week and share a cause and effect freebie. It seems like every year cause and effect is a tough concept for my second graders. I made this as a quick practice and thought you might like it! Feel free to snap it up. Click here to get it from TPT or on the image! Thanks and have a great week!

Sight Word Interactive Notebooks

Sight words are crucial for learning to read. Over half of everything we read is made up of about 100 words! If you are looking for a new way (or just another way), why not try these interactive activities.

Fun, engaging and hands on, these flip-flap printables are perfect for word work and centers!

Click HERE or on the images above to grab your free set!

Math Tub Labels

With all these wonderful games I am making I needed to organize and store them.  I am using a drawer tubs from Sterlite.  I really need more because my addition and money are completely full!

The labels have the CCSS listed on them.  Click here to get your own labels.

FREEBIE! Making Healthy Choices Concept Attainment Lesson

(Click on the above image to download.)

This concept attainment lesson is a great way to start a unit on making healthy choices. Present the various picture cards to the students to help them develop their understanding of the concepts of "healthy" and "unhealthy." There are 24 picture cards included in this teaching resource. An example of a "yes" response is:

An example of a "no" response is:
I hope you will find the Making Healthy Choices: A Concept Attainment Lesson useful in your classroom. 

Until next time, 


Gearing Up for Parent Night with a Small Token of Appreciation

Mrs. D here from The Third Wheel. Hope you are having a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

Just finished up my first week of school, and now I am gearing up for Parent Night in about a week. I always prepare my presentation in advance and get my forms into file folders to help make it easy to prepare after school on the big day.

This year I've decided to add a little extra something to thank my parents for their willingness to partner with me to support their child's education. I am popping by my local Target this afternoon to pick up a pack of 100 Grand candy bars (gotta love Halloween time...everything comes in mini-size). I've prepared a set of treat tags that can easily be attached as a quick and easy thank you. These are also great as an end-of-year conference gift for parents.

Get your copy by clicking the image below.

Happy Sunday!

FREE Playdough Mats and Puppets Set

Do your students love playdough?  I know mine do!

But to keep it interesting (and to encourage different kinds of play), I need to frequently change the "props" at the table.

I created a set of playdough mats that I use in both fall and spring that my class loves.

My Farm Garden Playdough Mats and Puppets  encourage creating a variety of shapes and engaging in some fun dramatic play with the use of the puppets.  

For all of you teachers heading back to school this week (and for those of you who are already in the thick of it!) I'd love to offer you this 9 page colour set for FREE! 

You may need a little something to get through those first few hairy weeks! :O 

Just click {here} or on the image below to get it! 

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