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FREE Thanksgiving Writing Papers

It's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving writing.  Here are four different Thanksgiving themed writing papers just waiting for your kiddos to write all about it!

Click on the image to snag your copies!

Have a wonderful November and Thanksgiving season!

Unscramble the Sentences Fall Freebie

Looking for a few extra fall activities?!  You will find 3 different fall sentences for students to unscramble.  Students will be cutting, pasting, writing, andd then drawing an illustration to go with them. These are great for morning work, center time, or to use as a fun word work activity! 

The 3 sentences are:

*I like to go apple picking.
*The black cat sat on the fence.
*I like to play in the leaves.

Just click on the image below to grab a copy.

Practice Fluency and Accuracy with Tongue Twisters

Over the last several summers, I helped run a theater workshop for teens.  I noticed that one of the warm ups we use with young actors would transfer well to practicing fluent, accurate reading in the classroom.
One of the leaders would call out a tongue twister and the group would respond in unison.  The focus was on enunciating and projecting, not speed.  This practice works well in the elementary classroom.
I created a free eBook of original tongue twisters which can also be used to teach alliteration.  Stop by this post on Artistry of Education to download Tongue Twisters.
Artistry of Education

Battling for Sight Words

Are your little ones learning sight words? 

Looking for another fun way to practice?

This resource has been adapted from 'Battleships' but instead of sinking their friend's ships the goal of this game is to discover lost treasure coins (sight words). 

  • It's structured so that kids both read and write while focussing on specific words and strategizing to win the friend's treasure coins. 
  • It's laid out in a grid to give lots of number sense practice, too.
Hop over to Liz's Early Learning Spot to download your free Battling for Sight Words game board.

I wish you happy teaching and learning.

Thankful Turkey Freebie!

Looking for something fun and turkey themed for the fall? Check out my Thankful Turkey Craft. It is great to accompany just about anything fall themed, turkey themed, or for Thanksgiving. You can grab the freebie by clicking here to get it at my blog or by clicking one of the images below.

I love how the students can personalize it- look at this one below with the headband and the one that added little feet. And every year it is so fabulous to see what they write they are thankful for.


How to Make a Jack o' Lantern Writing

I just finished carving pumpkins with my kiddos and thought there are probably a lot of you homeschool moms and dads that are doing the same thing. Why not turn it into a "How To" writing opportunity. Use this outline to list the four steps and then expand it into a paragraph. I use this method with my first graders with great 
Grab this freebie, here.
Happy Halloween!

Teacher Alert: The New Way to Help Your Students Make Progress

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from 

How to set goals with your students.
Teach your students how to set their own goals for learning

Learn how to help your students to set their own goals and BOOST learning in the process.  I am thrilled to share my newest freebie with you.

If you are looking for some new ways to encourage your students to take ownership for their learning, you will want to read my article and pick up your free goal setting kit.

Below, is a very quick sample of what you will be getting with your free SMILE ~ Goal Setting Kit.   But, there's a whole lot more where this came from.  :)

How to set goals with your students.  teacherkarma.comHow to set goals with your students.

How to set goals with your students.  teacherkarma.comHow to set goals with your students.

I look forward to connecting to you soon!

Best wishes!

Prayer Bear Freebie

Do you teach in a religious school?  Or like me, do you teach in an after school religious program (religious formation, Sunday school, etc.)?  Are you looking for an engaging way to get your students to pray more?  That's why we decided to implement Prayer Bear in our classroom.  Prayer Bear goes home with a different student each week.  He spends the week with them and is supposed to serve as a reminder for the family to pray.  A journal goes with Prayer Bear and each student writes about what they did with Prayer Bear and what they prayed for during the week.  If you'd like to try this out, I've included all of the pages that we put in our binder for free on my blog.  Just click the picture below to get more information and resources to start your very own Prayer Bear.

Pumpkin Print & Go

Are you looking for some quick and easy activities for fall or Halloween? Try this cute sample pack called All About Pumpkins! There are 4 no-prep activities included - Pumpkin Life Cycle Emergent Reader, Color By Number, Graphing Pumpkins, and Interactive Rhyming Pumpkins.
All About Pumpkins - Print & Go Pack - FREE SAMPLE
Easy for you, and fun and educational for the kids!

Writing About Superstitions

One year there were several Fridays that fell on the thirteenth day of the month.  I developed some writing lessons about superstitions.  They were so much fun, I decided to use them in October. 

Students learn a little about superstitions and then include them in their writing.  I have some original examples of list poems and a writing prompt for a narrative.  Check out this post on Artistry of Education for writing about superstitions.


Artistry of Education

Cookin' Up Fall Vocabulary!

I love thinking of new ways to practice vocabulary, my students LOVE to see visuals and pictures of the words (some are ESL students) these really help them in visualising and most importantly remembering the meanings.

So I made this interactive vocabulary mat game. It is very versatile - you could paste it in a file folder for storage and future use or you could simply print it out on card stock, laminate and play!

Click on the picture to take you straight to the post to download the freebie! :)

Diwali 2014

Happy Diwali! We celebrated The Festival of Lights in our classroom this year. The children had a wonderful time learning about this Indian holiday. We did a few fun rotations and had a mom dressed in beautiful silks come on speak with the class. Enjoy these fun rangoli patterns with your class.

Gratitude Journals

As we get ready to enter the holiday season, I'm looking forward to trying a daily writing activity with my kiddos. I'm hoping it will make this busy time of year a little sweeter for all of us!

If you'd like to grab a copy for your own classroom, click the button below to find it at Third Grade Bookworm!

Pumpkin Life Cycle

Hello!  I wanted to share a quick, ready to use pumpkin freebie with you today!  This Pumpkin Life Cycle Cloze Activity will work great as a class interactive writing activity, a fun morning work activity, or a quick learning assessment.

Click HERE to download.  Enjoy!

FREE Set of 9 Frilly Frames!

I've just finished a new set of frames for my
 Chirp Graphics shop. 

And I thought it would be fun to offer them for FREE!

The set includes 9 different frames in colour, blackline, and black and white!  

If you like the set, I'd love your feedback on it for my shop page.  
Thanks so much!

Just click {here} or on the images to pick it up!

Corinne, Chirp Graphics
Sing your song!

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