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Rhyming Freebie for Memorial Day

Hey everyone! We are heading into Memorial Day weekend! Can you believe it? I have this freebie for you with a Memorial Day theme. Students will match up the rhymes and glue them on a record sheet (love cut & glues!) . Click here  or on the image below grab it from my blog.


End of Year Activity: Top 10 Lists

Do you need an end of the year writing activity?  Try a Top Ten list lesson with your students to create a year in review. 

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Free No-Prep Morning Work for Second Grade - Ten Printable Worksheets

This FREE Second Grade Language Morning Work Sample includes ten no-prep worksheets that can be used now at the end of the school year as a quick, fun, and effective review.

They were created with the Commom Core standards in mind, but they should work in any second grade classroom.

Click on the image to check it out!

 FREE Second Grade Language Morning Work Sample: 10 No-Prep Printable Worksheets

Thank you for your downloads and comments!


Here's an idea by Lucy S.

Fill in the Blank Letter from Camp

I love creating quirky writing assignments and this one is perfect for this time of year.  Some students might be heading to outdoor school or anticipating day camp or a longer overnight adventure.
 This printable fill in the blank letter is available on this post at Artistry of Education.

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Rhyming Fun for Memorial Day

Hello everyone! Do your students need to work on rhyming? Looking for Memorial Day activities?  This activity will have your students matching up the rhymes and gluing them on a record sheet (I love cut & glue- sneaking in some fine motor practice!) . This would work well for first, second and third graders and homeschoolers. Click here  or on the image below to grab it from my blog.


Free Kindergarten Weather Unit

Download this free unit for your class it integrates science with phonics and writing skills.  It is available on Teachers Pay Teaches by Smart Teaching.  Your students will enjoy looking for weather trends and charting the weather with this product.  You will like how easy the unit is for you.  It contains letter posters, a take home book, and a vocabulary PowerPoint program.

Editable envelopes for storing written end of year treasures

Do you encourage your kids to write special notes or draw little pictures for their friends at the end of the year?

Download these editable envelopes from Liz's Early Learning Spot and solve your storage problem! Then parents can easily put these treasures away to keep for years. Simple but effective!

I wish you happy teaching and learning,

Mixed Up Chameleon Craftivity

Hello!  It's Hannah from The Classroom Key.  At this point in the year you're probably looking for anything to keep your kids busy and focused.  Here's a great activity that connects nicely with The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle.  Students use the printable templates to trace and cut out animal parts.  Then they arrange them and glue them down to make a new mixed up animal.

This project also ties in nicely with science because you can talk about how animals have specific features to help them survive in their habitat.


Write an Explorer Report with Upper Elementary Students

I changed up the way I have my fourth graders write about explorers this year, and I wanted to share the graphic organizers I used.
I created a notebook for students to write facts about the different explorers we studied as a class.  I left extra pages for students to do individual research.  We focused on recording reasons the explorers travelled.
I used the five paragraph essay structure for students to complete this assignment.  To download all the organizers and rubrics I used, please visit this post on the Artistry of Education blog.

Artistry of Education

Accelerated Reader Award Freebie

If your school uses Accelerated Reader and you are looking a way to WOW your students, I would encourage you to recognize the number of words they have read during the year.  
 I love seeing the shock and amazement on their little faces when they see what they have accomplished.  
This Accelerated Reader Award is available as a FREEBIE by clicking on the image below.

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May 21 is Talk Like Yoda Day

My students really enjoyed writing these pattern poems...and I enjoyed slipping in some grammar practice.  I have my students brainstorm some simple subject verb object sentences and then we flip them to the pattern Yoda uses: object subject verb.

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Terse Verse: Riddles that Rhyme

What could you call a strange ostrich?  An absurd bird.

This is an example of a Terse Verse: a riddle with an answer that is two rhyming words.  Here is a freebie with fifteen of these riddles and directions for students to write their own.

I hope you enjoy using this with your students.

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Print & Go - Summer Freebies!

We are winding down the school year and kids are getting anxious for summer! Here are 2 free summer themed printables from my Summer Print & Go Pack that you can use for some quick and fun summer practice!

All About Summer - Print and Go - FREE

Memorial Day Rhymes Freebie

Happy Mother's Day too all of you! I am here to share a fun freebie with you! Need something fun for Memorial Day and do your kiddos still need to work on those rhyming skills? Try this freebie where students match up the rhymes and glue them on a record sheet (I love my cut & glues!) . Would work well for first, second and third graders and homeschooler. Click here  or on the image below grab it from my blog. Thanks and HAPPY Mother's Day!


Organizing Your Week weather is upon us here and my flowers are starting to bloom in my garden. I love bright colored flowers and that is one of the reasons I chose the bright colors for these flowers. 
Everyday I get to see these on my shelf and when I am getting organized for the week!
Just click on any picture to get yours free!!! 


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