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Book Project for Fantasy Novels

This book project could be used with any fiction novel where animals behave like humans.  It incorporates reading, writing, speaking and listening.  I have included a rubric for easy grading.  To download the Animal Fantasy Book Project, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Thanksgiving Clip Cards

Have you ever used clip cards with your young learners?  I've just started making them for my preschool aged daughter so that she can practice counting and fine motor skills.  I make my cards with three choices and a self checking box when they flip it over.  All you have to do is print, cut, fold in half and laminate.  Then give your students clothespins and you have an easy math center ready to go. Click on the pictures below to download my Thanksgiving Counting Clip Cards.  

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Is It Likely with Addition

I like using probability to teach other math concepts.  For this activity, students fill out the chart and then decide what answers are likely to occur, unlikely to occur, and impossible.
 To read more about this lesson and download the printable shown above, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Thanksgiving Place Value Freebie

Do you have all your Thanksgiving activities printed and ready to go? If not, maybe you want to grab this place value practice! It will have your students practice their ones, tens, and hundreds! Click here or on the image below to grab it.

Probability Words: Likely, Unlikely, and Impossible

When introducing probability, it starts with vocabulary.  I have my students discuss likely, unlikely, and impossible events and we use the tri-fold paper shown below for students to show me their answers.

Artistry of Education

Graphic Organizers

    Graphic organizers are a must for gathering and organizing information.  There are many different types of graphic organizers that can be used, depending on the text structure and the type of information to be organized. This handy chart will give you an idea of which organizer to use with your students. 
Click on the image to download the chart and 3 free organizers.
 Free graphic organizer chart and 3 organizers to use right away in your classroom.

Thanksgiving Compound Word Practice

Do your kiddos, like mine, need to practice compound words? I just had a discussion on Friday with mine as to why "pumpkin" wasn't a compound word, so it's on my mind! Try this Thanksgiving themed freebie to get your kids familiar with compound words. Click here or on the image below to grab it.

Book Project for Biographies -- Rubric Included

Before highly scripted teaching, I assigned book reports by genre.  I found that students could read a variety of books, create summaries, a creative project and share through oral presentations.  I continued to use projects like these for independent study during reading workshop times.

I have included a rubric for easy grading.  I often completed most of these while I was listening to the oral presentations.  To download the Book Project for Biographies, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Thanksgiving Sensory Words Password Game

Who doesn't have fun when the learning activity is based on a game show? Based on "Password," students develop lists of sensory words that describe Thanksgiving-themed words and then pair up with partners who will use these "clues" to guess the passwords.

Pick the Password includes suggested uses, blank password clue lists, possible Thanksgiving vocabulary to use as passwords. It also includes links to lists of general sensory words for sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Free Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey Craft

Hey there everyone! It's already over a week into November. So it's time to think Thanksgiving crafts! And what is better than a Thanksgiving freebie that is also a craft that helps your students express what they are thankful for? Click on the image to pick this up from my Teachers Pay Teachers store or click here!

Reading and Writing Redhead

So What's New About Thanksgiving?

Being able to explain how things are the same and different - to compare and contrast - is an important skill in school. Being able to see, describe, and explain the critical features of two objects, actions, or events, is a critical language skill.

Students can practice telling how these events are the same and/or different.  You can also have them write a descriptive/comparative paragraph. 

Have fun this Thanksgiving, and keep on talking.

Can Your AAC Users Talk About Turkey?

All too often I come across students who do not have any - or much functional - speech but do not have robust augmentative communication systems.  
While my crusade is to get good AAC systems into their hands, I recognize that this doesn't always happen for one reason or another, and that providing at least basic core word communication boards and core-based activity displays that meet some of their needs, is a start.
Last year on my blog (Kidz Learn Language) I posted free communication boards for more than a month, for everything from A.P.E. to holidays.  

Here is my free Thanksgiving picture-based communication board, for any of you nonverbal students who need to be able to talk about Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the holiday, and keep on talking.

2016 Monthly Calendar for Kids

Good news! The 2016 version of this free monthly calendar is now available for download from Liz's Early Learning Spot.

Even better, it's been upgraded to include 2 weekly formats. You can now choose between weeks running from Monday to Sunday OR weeks running from Sunday to Saturday.

I've also added extra pages for specific regions at the end of the file to add important national days for the USA, UK, Canada and Australia/New Zealand.

An editable version is also available.

I hope your kids love these calendars and wish you happy teaching and learning.

Building Classroom Culture -- Who Am I?

My students loved this game so much that I kept supplying index cards and we played it most of the year.  Students write their name and three facts about themselves on an index card.  I shuffle the cards and read the clues.  Other students try to guess who wrote the card.

To read about this and other teaching ideas, please visit Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

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