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Probability with Multiplication

When I give my students this activity, I am having them practice their multiplication as well as working with probability.  Students fill in the multiplication chart below and then record numbers that are very likely, not so likely and impossible.

To download Is it Likely? Multiply, click here for the post on Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

FREE Resources for CLOSE Reading!

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from

CLOSE Reading FREE Resources 

Why should we teach students to CLOSE READ?  

Reading CLOSELY is proven to be an extremely effective way to help our students DEEPLY understand text.  

Students today are required to read and comprehend some pretty difficult text.  

Our kiddos must have good tools to successfully attack the text!

CLOSE Reading FREE Resources

To learn about how to teach the CLOSE READING strategy, and to get your FREEBIES, please click here.

Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer

I used to struggle through teaching Venn Diagrams to my elementary students when I wanted them to show comparing and contrasting.  Then someone showed me the Box and T-Chart graphic organizer.  I find my students can more easily write their ideas inside rectangles as opposed to circles.


Artistry of Education

Valentine Math Number Play Dough Mats FREE

February is coming up and as quickly as it is coming - I'm not really prepared for it haha!

So, I made these cute play dough mats after a few requests. Just LOVE DJ Inkers! They are so easy to print, laminate and work on.

Check out the post HERE and download the freebie! 
Check out TPT The Sea of Knowledge Store, TPT ESL World, or The Sea of Knowledge Blog for more.

Thank you for reading!

Comparing Numbers Free Mat

I love finding new ways to help students visualize numbers and math concepts. It isn't always easy, as mathamatical concepts are based on common sense and problem solving skills. So, finding ways to get students using manipulatives would essentially help them in linking the concepts together. 

Check out this mat right here at the Sea of Knowledge. 

Check out TPT The Sea of Knowledge Store, TPT ESL World, or The Sea of Knowledge Blog for more.

Thank you for reading!

Nonfiction FREEBIE! Using Text Features to Improve COMPREHENSION!

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from 

FREE Non-fiction resources and printables for the classroom.

This time of year... it's ALL about NON-FICTION!

I know it's NOT all about testing, but... when we take notice of how students are currently assessed, there is no getting around the fact that non-fiction is a HUGE deal!

Teach your students to look at the text before they begin reading!  This will help your students to notice what is important to the author, and help to improve their overall comprehension skills.  

When the author highlights certain parts of the text with headings, bolded words, graphics, etc. it is likely important to the overall text.  

The non-fiction graphic printables included in this freebie will encourage your kiddos to:

  • seek out important text features
  • think about the information presented
  • make a decision on why the author added the particular text features 
  • better understand the text AND IMPROVE COMPREHENSION

Using text features to teach nonfiction.
Using non-fiction text features in the classroom

Non-fiction text feature graphic organizer.

Non-fiction text feature tools.

If you would like to read more about teaching your students about non-fiction text features, and get the non-fiction FREEBIES too, please click here or on the graphic below.

Graphic organizers for non-fiction text features.

Best wishes!

Magic Tree House Novel Study love reading Magic Tree House novels with my class. There are so many adventures that Jack and Annie (the main characters) go on and the format is predictable for students. The predictability of the stores make them less intimidating to read. Oh yeah and there are a ton of them so if your students get hooked on reading them, they will never run out of books to read!!!!

Because I have used many of the novels in my classroom I have created novel studies to go along with the books. The novel studies include comprehension questions and fun extra activity pages. 

I have put one of the novel studies in my store as a freebie so that you can see what they are like. Each novel study follows the same outline. There is variety in what the extra activities are, and that is dependent on the novel theme.

Click on the picture to get a free novel study for Magic Tree House novel #26 Good Morning, Gorillas. 

Motivational Tools for The Classroom & Freebie Incentive

In this post, I will share with you some ideas on how to keep students motivated! Students yawning, talking, or losing interest in the subject can all make for a less energetic and boring classroom experience - and we've all been there. Not every topic we teach is going to be interesting - let alone interesting for students.

Head over to The Sea of Knowledge to read more & grab the freebie below. :)

 Check out TPT The Sea of Knowledge Store, TPT ESL World, or The Sea of Knowledge Blog for more.

Thank you for reading!

100 Random Acts of Kindness

Hi everyone! Are you gearing up for 100s day? I am! I am also working really hard with my class on social skills such as respect and empathy so I came up with this freebie. It would go well with other instruction, activities and read-alouds you are doing on random acts of kindness.

Students brainstorm 100 random acts of kindness and record them. Then they have a great resource of ways they can show kindness to others! Click here or on the image below to grab it from my my blog.

Thanks and Happy 100th Day of School!


Mental Math Thinkers!

Kids need lots of practice with mental math activities. With that in mind I have created a free center/group activity to help with mental math practice. It includes 12 task cards, an answer sheet and answer key. Hope you and your students enjoy it!

Click Here for Your Freebie!

Have a great week!

A Winter Matching Activity

Looking for an easy winter/snow themed matching game?  I've got one for you.  This could be used as a memory game or review of shapes since the snowballs are different 2-D shapes.  I used it with my daughter and we stuck the cards into 'snow dough' and did a matching/sensory activity with it.  Then we reviewed 2-D shapes that she knew using those cards.  Easy way to get young kids excited about snow on days when it is too cold to actually play in it.  Click the picture below for your freebie.

Race to 100 for 100 Days!

I LOVE celebrating 100 days of school with early learners! There are so many fun ways of getting our kids focused on those numbers.

If you're looking for a new activity grab this free game from Liz's Early Learning Spot.

I wish you happy teaching and learning!

Ten Forms of Poetry

Frequent readers and followers of my teaching blog, Artistry of Education, know how much I love to teach poetry.  I find that these short lessons are packed with literary devices and ways to increase vocabulary.  Even my reluctant writers are willing to write these short pieces.

Artistry of Education

More Football Freebie Fun!

Happy Friday! I am back again with one more great football freebie that would be a perfect addition to your language arts centers. This time the focus is compound words...and it is a game! Who doesn't love that?

You can get your copy here or by clicking the image below.


Grammar. Just the sound of the word brings on glassy-eyed stares, groans, and possible snores. Don't despair. Grammar can be fun! Grammargories is an entertaining and challenging activity in which students apply their knowledge of parts of speech. Inspired by the game Scattergories, students try to beat the clock as they complete lists with parts of speech related to the lists' themes. It's a quick, easy, and fun review tool for your grammar toolbox. 


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