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Back to School Task Cards for Secondary Students

Down here in North Alabama, kids start back to school August 13th. That's less than 2weeks from today! Eeeek!!!

I am a strong believe in getting students used to YOUR teaching style ASAP. One way to do this is to expose them to the types of activities you use in your classroom immediately! Every student I teach will see task cards at some point in time so the sooner they learn my methods for using task cards, the better!
I created a set of free task cards called "Getting to Know Your Math Students" which can be found my teachers pay teachers store by clicking the picture below. (If you don't teach math - keep reading for an editable version!!) 
I know not there are more than just math teachers reading this blog, so I created an editable version of these cards for you too! They are not as colorful (because clip artists do not like us to share their clip art that way) but they still make a great back to school activity! These are in a PowerPoint presentation so you will be able to edit the cards IF you have PowerPoint. To download the file click on the link below. A file sharing site called "OneDrive" will open. You will see something similar to the picture on the right pop up. Hover your mouse over the file and on the top right side, a check box should appear - make sure it is checked. Then click "download" which is listed on the blue bar at the top of the page. This will download the editable file to your computer!

 There are 16 cards in this set and a recording sheet. The cards were created to ask students questions that will help you get to know them better. Questions include:

  • what was your favorite class last year?
  • what do you like about math?   ***you can change this to ELA, science, social studies, etc
  • what did you like the least about the math class you were in last year?
For ideas on using this set here is a blog post for you! Getting to Know You Task Cards.
This activity will hopefully help you to understand your students better from the start! It's also a fun way to expose students to task cards in a stress free environment! 

If you have any questions, comments, problems downloading the editable version, please let me know either by commenting below, or emailing me at: I hope you have a wonderful year!

"Cool" Way to practice math facts!

Depending on where you live, the summer heat can be BRUTAL!  Help the kids "cool" off with some Popsicle math puzzles!

They are easy to prepare, I promise!

Here is how I did it:

1.  Print everything off!  While you don't have to print the cover (or the "Ways to Use" page), you may want it to glue to the front of your envelope or folder, depending on how you decide to store the product.

2.  Do a "quick" cut around the popsicles (I sometimes call this cutting out in a bubble....or just messy!)

3.  Glue one quick strip down the middle and stick it on a piece of stronger, thicker paper.  I had an extra sheet of scrapbooking paper available, so I used that.  This step can also be skipped if you don't plan on re-using the activity.  I do this to help make it a little more durable.  Of course, you could also just print it on cardstock to begin with!

4.  Cut out the popsicles the "right" way now.

5.  You are ready to go!  You can laminate them too if you wish!  They are now ready for small groups, partners, or even whole class work (have the class walk around to find their "partner").

See, not too difficult!  You can grab this for FREE by clicking {HERE}

Back to School!

It's time to start thinking about back to school!  Here are some worksheets that are perfect for the beginning of the year in kindergarten.  You can use them for extra practice in the classroom, assessment or send home for homework!

Click here to get yours:

Have a great year!

Back to School - Get to Know You Activity
Starting a new year can be daunting for some little ones, especially if they feel like they don't know anyone.  Here is a fun get-to-know-you activity that you can use at the beginning of the year to help break the ice and have fun together as a class!
Who Am I Classroom Activity - Beginning of the Year/End of
In this activity called "Who Am I?", students each fill out some questions and draw a picture of themselves. Then you can hang them up on the wall and have students guess who each one belongs to!
It's a great way to encourage your students to get to know each other, and it also lets everyone know that they are special and a part of the class!


Color Poems: Exploring Metaphors and Similes

Are you introducing metaphors and similes to your class this year?  Come visit my blog and pick up the freebie Color Poems: Exploring Metaphors and Similes.

Students will learn the difference between a metaphor and simile, read several examples of color poems, and create their own.

I hope you enjoy this lesson with your class.

Artistry of Education

Seashell Sorting Center

I love to visit the beach in the summer! One of my favorite things to do is to stroll along the shore early in the morning and gather seashells. But then, I’m left with soooooooo many shells that I just can’t part with.

So, of course, I bring them to school and set up a sorting station! Here’s a fun seashell sorting station freebie for you to download.

Don’t have shells? Many of your students would love to contribute to your shell sorting station with treasures from their own beach vacations.

I hope you and your students enjoy this fun freebie!

Fishing for Fun Math Game

Fishing for Fun Math Game

Hi y'all! It's Julie from Green Apple Lessons. Here's a great freebie for math centers! Check out the "Fishing for Fun" Numbers Matching Game! Preschool and Kindergarten students will enjoy matching numbers 1-10 with the correct number of fish. This activity teaches number recognition and one to one correspondence. Students can work on this independently, or play it as a traditional matching game in centers. Hands on learning fun!



Lots of Love Notes?

Hi there!

As we get ready to start a new school year, I thought I'd share a classroom organization tip that has worked well for my teaching partner and I.

We were (ahem) "busted" one afternoon by a couple of students who found sweet notes to us in the recycle box.


Hurty feelings are no fun.

We put our heads together and came up with a way to keep a year's worth of love notes together without cluttering up our classrooms.

To read more, hop on over to Third Grade Bookworm. There's a freebie waiting for you!

Visualization the Pirate Way!

Shiver me timbers!  I love pirate week!  
With all the eye patches and arrghhs being said you can't help but smile!

Of course we spend a lot of time on the ar sound but I incorporated visualization to our unit with pirate riddles and the kids just loved it and couldn't wait for the next day to get the next riddle.  They were so sad when it ended!

Stop on over to get a copy for your bulletin board!
If you're like me I don't teach the ar sound until later in the year so Pin this post so you remember where to find it again!

Powerful Prefixes Mini-Matching Card Set

Powerful Prefixes Mini-Matching Card Set
Get your set of prefixes with their matching meanings and word examples.
Just click on the image below.

3rd Grade Grapevine

Little Critter

Little Critter has some great and wonderful life lessons!  The students loved listening to the read alouds.  I read as many as I could.  After each one we did the retelling hand. (character, setting, first, next, last)  We also did problem/solution.  The kids got a real handle on the retelling hand this week because we did it so much.

They also have Little Critter readers that are at their levels now.  They loved reading those during read to self and read to someone!

To go along with "Just a School Project" I made the following comprehension sheets.  Pick them up to enhance your vocabulary lessons.

Have a very special week!

Back to School Survey

The start of a new school year is always a bit nerve-wracking for all of us... students, parents and teachers!  How many of you have crazy back to school nightmares?  I have one every year... 

Here's a fun and easy survey to do with your students on the first day of school and some helpful hints to turn it into an interactive whole class activity.

Click the image below to grab your free copy!


Life Skills

Teaching life skills has become so important to me! I've created these posters to help teachers get the discussion started in their classrooms, come on over and get them for your students!

Getting Along at School Poem

I love to write poems! They are great for reading and building fluency. Are you looking for a fun Back To School poem to help promote good behavior? How about the one below? How about a writing activity to go with it? Just click on the image below to download your free poem and writing activities.
Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

Do Your Students "Get It?"

I've got a classroom trick up my sleeve that may make keeping track of your students during independent work time a lot easier!

With a larger than normal RTI load, I was getting overwhelmed trying to check on so many students at once. During an RTI meeting last year, I got the idea for these cards:

Hop on over to Third Grade Bookworm by clicking on the picture above or on my button below. It's a quick and easy project you can complete before your new munchkins arrive for the new school year!

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