Classroom Freebies

Numerical Expressions Worksheet

This freebie was made to cover standard 5.OA.2

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It is a two-sided worksheet that just contains numerical expressions. The answer key is provided.

All About Me Poster Freebie

I love to do All About Me pages at the beginning of the year!  The kids love it too! This year I am teaching kindergarten so I updated the page.  Click on my logo to get both of these for FREE!

Ordering Decimals - Halloween Theme

This ordering decimal activity can be used as a bulletin board display. See an example here.

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Emoji Editable Classroom Wishlist Freebie

Prepping for the new school year is always overwhelming and a little disorganized.  Let me help you check that one thing off your list.  These adorable Emoji  themed classroom wish list printables are just the right fit for your back to school night, open house, or greet the teacher events.  I printed out several of these and placed them on a pencil in a vase to save space and to help parents remember what they signed up for by holding a pencil.  :)  Head on over and grab your own set here.

Classroom Organization-Class Birthdays

Raise your hand if your students get a kick out of seeing their birthday and their fellow classmates birthdays displayed in your classroom?  I know my students do.  And who doesn't love cupcakes?  Well I combined two of my favorite things...birthdays and cupcakes and added it to my classroom decor.  These cupcakes will not take up much wall space and will even work on cabinet doors if you are low on wall space.  Head on over and grab them here.  They look so cute on the wall.  Enjoy!

Metric Posters - Meter

These are a set of seven posters (kilometer, hectometer, dekameter, meters, decimeter, centimeter, and millimeter) - one set in color, the other in black and white.

Print, laminate and hang. These are a great reference for your students when they are tackling metric conversions.

I have also used them during whole group instruction - I pass out all seven posters and then have the seven students get themselves in the correct order at the front of the room. The students that are seated can help if they are having difficulty. Repeat until everyone has had a turn.

Homework:The Great Debate!

  We all know that homework is not so well loved by our students.  A lot of strong opinions and research has come out recently stating the benefits and the not so many benefits of homework.  Some schools have adopted a no homework policy and others are sticking with traditional methods.  No matter what your school has decided here is a little freebie and time saver to help you out as you set up for the new school year.   You can send this home to announce upcoming tests ,communicate with your parents topics you are teaching, and list links to provide extra support at home.   Grab it here