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EdTech Websites by Category

This resource contains a collection of educational technology websites divided into categories.  I have successfully utilized all of these amazing websites with my classes to enhance learning.  Links to lessons for how to use each of the websites are located at the bottom of each of the slides.

1. Presentations (Prezi, Haiku Deck)
2. Multi-Media Posters (Glogster)
3. Blogs (Kidblog)
4. Mind Maps (Popplet, Slatebox)
5. Online Response System (GetKahoot)
6. Comics (Bitstrips, Comic Life)
7. Writing (Storybird)
8. Photo Editing (PicMonkey)
9. Surveys (Survey Monkey)
10. Electronic Badges (Classbadges)
11. Classroom Management (ClassDojo)
12. Multi-Media Wall (Padlet)
13. Online Whiteboard (
14. Collaboration/Social Network (Edmodo)
15. Animated Video (GoAnimate, Powtoon, Dvolver)
16. Video (Animoto, MovieMaker, TubeChop, WeVideo)
17. Google Drive
18. Microsoft Office 2010
19. Microsoft Office 2013
20. Infographics (Piktochart)
21. Websites (Weebly, Wix)

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"Spiders!" Activities

October is a fun time to learn more about SPIDERS! Enjoy these three activities for Halloween, after reading "Charlotte's Web", or any other time you want to incorporate these creepy crawlies in to your lesson!
Thanks for looking! Christina

Anchoring Division Vocabulary

As you start teaching multiplication and division this school year, you'll need to teach that all important vocabulary!

Head over to my blog to pick up a few tips on teaching the confusing division terms - divisor, dividend, and quotient!  While you're there, grab this freebie!

Help your students understand the important division terms of divisor, dividend, and quotient with this fun activity and anchor chart freebie!

Happy Teaching!

A Halloween treat, anyone? Calorie free!

That sweet time of year that we all love is coming up soon! I know I started to see Halloween decorations in August, so you shouldn't be surprised that I am letting you get a head start on the holiday!

This freebie is exclusive for my blog readers on Classroom Freebies Too and Looks Like Language! So fly on over to my blog to snag this sweet deal! Enjoy!

Differentiated Groups- Fall Freebie Activity by Looks-Like-Language

Fall freebie for mixed groups from Looks-Like-Language!

Do you try to always have an extra activity that is ready to go? Whether my students need a break, I was off in my timing, or we just plain want to have some fun, I keep extra activities around that are ready to go at a moment's notice.

Seasonal activities can be perfect for this! My students love the real photos and I love the versatility. The same game can work on narratives, grammar, speech carryover, written language, you name it!

So check it out at my store and see if this will work for you! Enjoy!

Marijuana Student Activity Worksheet

The best activities for students in Health class include those applying basic facts to solve real life problems. I love advice columns. They include a short story (120 words or less) provided by regular people describing a problem they need help solving. If they knew the answer, they wouldn’t be writing to get advice from a so called expert. I have found that a group of students can come up with an answer as good as the experts. What makes them soo… smart? They are not emotionally involved with the problem. Therefore, they can be objective. Most people’s problems can be solved with common sense. Emotionally involved people want an answer that won’t cost them something. In today’s example — they have to give up something to get something. It’s about choosing what is really important. That’s emotional.

Students will be asked to give advice concerning a family problem resulting from Marijuana and Alcohol use. In order to complete the worksheet students will need to know:
1. How Marijuana affects the body.
2. How Alcohol Affects the body.

Sample Teacher and Student Answers are provided.


Have you ever used Advice Columns with your students? 

Will you consider using Advice Columns as a learning tool?

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Making 10

Knowing the combinations of 10, is such a important skill for building solid addition and subtraction strategies. If a student knows 4 + 6 = 10, this lays the foundation for knowing that 4 + 7 = 11. Being able to automatically recall the numbers combinations that make ten, gives students a solid foundation as they tackle number facts within 20 and beyond. In the early years it's important to give lots of hands on exploration of the combinations of 10.

This Making 10 game, encourages students to roll a dice, record the number they have rolled, and then solve 'how many more to make 10'?

e.g. The student rolls a 3. They add a number strip with 3 friends to the ten frame, and record 'I rolled 3'. Then they look at how many empty spaces are left on the ten frame and count on to solve how many more are needed to make 10. Students record this number fact on their recording sheet and make it on the number frame.

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