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Science for Christmas!

All I want for Christmas is...


Alright, maybe not.  I mean, if my hubby heard that...

But between now and Christmas in the classroom, I need to find a way to engage my cute little ones.

 This time of the year, their minds wander off because they are thinking about winter break.  It becomes challenging to teach --and hold their attention.

That's why this year, I decided to mix a little Christmas with a little science.
Explore holiday science experiments as a way to engage your students before winter break with these fun activities!

That's right!

I created science experiments that will make the holidays brighter!
Above is an example from my Candy Canes Reaction experiment!  That's just one of many experiments I talk about over on my blog and the freebie I have for you!

Explore holiday science experiments as a way to engage your students before winter break with these fun activities!

If you head over to my blog, The Owl Teacher, you can read about all the different science experiments I plan on doing, along with getting this FREE Candy Cane Reactions Science Experiment piece too!  It comes with the Teacher's Page (that includes the background knowledge to the science of the experiment), the Student Lab Directions, and the Student Sheet!

There are lots of great ideas there to engage your students that I'm sure you will love!

Happy Holidays!

Celebrate with Looks-Like-Language- 2

Holiday free fun from Looks-Like-Language!
Are your children/students having lots of fun with my freebie from last week? Open ended games are so versatile! At this busy time of year, we all need a little planning help!

So, to help you out a little more, this week's freebie is a matching worksheet. Come on over to my blog to download it!

Ever Wish you Could have a Do Over?

He never considered the future.  Before being sentenced to 45 years with 20 years to serve in custody for two counts of homicide by vehicle in the first degree and one count of serious injury by vehicle, Garrett Kyle Anderson said while crying, “I just never knew that the choices I was making would affect my life, and more importantly, the other families’ lives. If I could take it all back, I would. I would go in place of them. I’m so sorry this happened. I’m very sorry.”

I like to read and discuss stories of individual success or failure/tragedy with the students. The discussion is always “how did this happen”. Get out your pink sheets (1st day health activity-Goals or Good Behavior), “Did anyone write down that they wanted to be in Big/Boy/Girl prison by the time they were 22? Well, why not?” The fun begins — because a discussion begins where kids are actually thinking and talking about their future. They don’t want bad stuff to happen to their future. Stories remind them it’s important what they do today.   My motto is get the kids thinking. Thinking creates feelings which lead to a predictable action. In this case a reminder, am I prioritizing the standards that will get me to my goals or am a Garrett heading for disaster? 

Front page stories in the newspaper, such as this, are opportunities to revisit the most important concept taught in health class — a student’s future. My teaching philosophy is to give students just enough facts, so they can apply those facts to the possible interruption or destruction of their future. I want them to think and feel the interruption/destruction made by a choice or a series of choices, than have them think their way back thru the decision making process that occurred to make the destruction possible. The articles provide an opportunity for discussion — What were the excuses made along the way?   What type of decisions was Garrett making long before he got in his car that night? Was he planning on making something of his life? Did he have hopes, dreams, or goals? If he did have goals were they a priority that he was daily committed to? What makes you different from a Garrett?

To change people’s actions you have to first change their thinking. Teens live in the here and now, without experience. They haven’t coughed up a piece of their lung, or experienced a viral STD etc.; bad stuff happens to other people. Front page news stories or stories from advice columns provide an opportunity to remind students to focus on their future. Successful people prioritize every day.

Sooner or later everyone experiences a moment that scares them so bad because they realize this would have ruined my life, destroyed my plans for my future. A decision is made, I am never going to put myself in this position again.   Do you think Garrett ever had that experience? Have you had that experience? Do you know someone with that experience?
  • I had a student come visit me one afternoon. She walked thru my door and asked — do you remember me? She had come back to tell me why 3 years previously she changed her life. Her best friend became pregnant in the 9th grade. That was her wake-up call because she had been doing everything her friend was doing. She reverted back to the person she was before she decided she really wanted to be popular.
If this post has been meaningful, you might enjoy checking for more  information on Goals, Personality Styles, Self-Image, Techniques or NO, and Decision Making. 



2016 Teacher Gift Ideas!

Teachers are a giving bunch by nature. But others may not know how to give back to teachers. Here is a 2016 Interactive Holiday Gift Guide to take or share!

Do you want to give some great ideas to others for what a teacher might like for the holidays?

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Looking for a special treat for yourself?  :)

Check out this FREE Interactive Holiday Gift Guide for 2016 where no matter whether you are looking for other teachers or yourself, you are sure to find some personalized ideas!

Take the super short FREE quiz HERE.

Happy shopping!

Teachers are a giving bunch by nature. But others may not know how to give back to teachers. Here is a 2016 Interactive Holiday Gift Guide to take or share!

10 Amazing Tech Videos and Questions

This activity contains some videos I have been using for awhile with my classes that showcase future technology.  It also includes some new ones I have recently discovered from the Connect Technology conference, Microsoft Build conference and  The videos are exciting, quick and definitely grab students’ attention.  They are summarized and questions are included for student engagement.  In my experience, I find that students love to watch and talk about new technologies.

Click on the link below to download this activity

Free Advent Calendar

I created a free Advent calendar that you can use in the classroom or at home.  There are 36 different cards so you can choose the ones that fit for you and move them to the day that works best for you. I've also created a free Catholic version that you can find HERE if you are looking for a more religious version.  
Free printable Advent calendar for your home or classroom.

A Google A Day Search Game

“A Google A Day” is a trivia game, developed by Google, using Google “search” to find answers using savvy search skills.  The faster students search, the more points they score and the more badges and achievements they get.  

Players learn how to adjust their search terms to eliminate unnecessary words so that they can use Google more efficiently.  Each day Google creates new questions for students.  

Click on the link below to download this activity