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Write a Fable: The Not So Wise Owl

I love to teach writing.  Today I would like to share with you a fable story plan and a writing prompt suggestion to go with it.

Come stop by my blog, Artistry of Education, and pick up this freebie.

Artistry of Education

Halloween Story Starters ~ Journal Writing

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from 

Looking for some new spooky, creepy, or just FUN Halloween writing topics for your kiddos?

Here are a few examples you will find in my journal writing freebie:

  • Describe how pumpkins seeds feel, smell, sound, and taste as they are being pulled out of a pumpkin.
  • Write about winning a costume contest.
  • Walking along the dark road...
  • Feeling the bat brush my skin...
  • Traveling to the pumpkin patch...
You will also find a FREE Writing Checklist to help your students stay on track with their writing.

If you would like a free Halloween Story Starter ~ Journal Writing set for yourself, please click here or on the graphic above.

Best wishes!

Going Batty for Multiplication

At this time of year many of us are in full swing with basic multiplication facts. This game gives students practice with the 2s and 3s facts -- some easy ones to give them confidence. The bat theme is perfect for October or during a study of nocturnal animals! You can pick this up at my blog, Math is Elementary.

iFlash Halloween Dolch Word Freebie

Do you do flashcards at the door when you are leaving and coming back to the classroom?  I do!  It is a great way to check for understanding and informally assess your students.  However, flashcards can be kind of boring, so I took it digital!  Come on over to Fun in K1 to learn more and download it for free!

iFlash, do you?  Click here to get it.
Fun in K/1

BOOkmarks for Halloween!

Jen Bradshaw 
here from 

Anyone else getting 
excited about Fall?  
I am soooooo ready!  

I am excited to share with you just one of many Fall FREEBIES that are on their way! 

Inspire your kiddos to get excited about reading with these fun little Halloween BOOkmarks....
get it....BOOkmarks.... 

They come in color and black & white it you are looking to save some ink.  :)

To download your very own set of 
Halloween BOOkmarks, please click here or one of the graphics in this post.

Best wishes!

Halloween Color by Code

How about some Halloween fun?  Here is a color by code activity that gives students practice distinguishing short vowel sounds from long vowel sounds.

All of the long vowel words use the CVCe (or sneaky-e) pattern.  Here's what it looks like when it's all colored in:

This makes a fun in-class activity, homework, center, or sub day activity.


Fall Math Game Freebie


I absolutely love the changing of seasons - it is a great teaching opportunity and a quick and easy way to change up centers and activities in your classroom. One of our favorite games to play is Bump. Students work with a partner to cover the numbers. All you need is a the game board, a set of dice and 2 sets of 10 counters (two different counters). Partners take turns rolling the dice - adding or multiplying the numbers and placing one of their counters on the correct number. If you land on the same number as the other player you can BUMP their counter off of the number. Of course you can lock in your position if you are lucky enough to land on the same number twice and have two counters on the same number. The first player to place all 10 counters wins!

You can click here to check it out!

How Do You Get Students to Finish Books?

Each year I feel like I have a slightly different focus for my students independent reading. This year I want to keep track of the number of books my students finish during the year.

I have created a form that can be cut apart to record individual books or printed as a whole sheet back to back to record the books completed during a month.

If you are interested in "Books I Have Finished", stop by my blog, Artistry of Education, and pick it up.

Artistry of Education

Fall Finger Painting and Two Free Finger Painting Printables

Finger painting is not something we do often in my classroom.  

Why, you ask? 

No, you probably do not ask why! :)
  Painting can be messy enough even with a paintbrush!

But this past week, the children were given the opportunity to finger paint some fall trees and the results were pretty great.  

Each tree was very unique, just like the artists who painted them!

Take a peek at the results on my blog post.
While you're there, you may want to download a free tree printable for your own painting project (you can use the tree image as a template or just paint right on the page)...

 You can also pick up a free tree/seasons printable that features a tree for each season.

Just click {here} to grab a set!

A Superstar Freebie for Antonyms!

School is in full force! Are you looking to review antonyms this fall? Superstar Antonyms I Have Who Has Game might be the ticket! There are 12 cards in the I Have Who Has style. It works great for small groups and I have used it during RTI.

  I hope your students enjoy the game!  Click here on on either preview image to snag it.

Under the Sea: Tiered Vocabulary Templates FREEBIE!

Use these tiered vocabulary templates with your under the sea unit. Options are provided to meet the needs of the different students in your class. Provide students with the vocabulary word and/or definition and have them complete the remainder of the graphic organizer. Make booklets using the Under the Sea cover provided in the package!

Template A

Template B
Template C

Click on Under the Sea: Tiered Vocabulary Templates for a complete set of templates to use with your students.

Enjoy life until the sea!

Until next time …

Help Kids with Autism Get Through Fire Drills during National Fire prevention & Safety Week

According to popular legend, the Great Chicago Fire started after Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked over a lamp, setting her barn on fire, from where it spread to the whole city.  National Fire Safety Week officially commemorates that fire, which happened in 1871, and killed 250 people.
Fortunately, historians have begun to take the blame off of poor old Mrs. O’Leary and her cows - who were actually asleep in the barn at the time.
Fire drills are crucial to the safety of children in schools - and homes.  Schools run fire drills periodically throughout the school year.  Here in California we also run earthquake drills.  Knowing the routine of what to do when the alarm rings can avoid injuries and even save lives.
But fire drills are disruptive; loud and confusing, for many children with special needs who do not always understand what is happening, who hate changes in routines and schedules, and who cringe and cover their ears at any loud noise.  The loud noise of the alarm bell can cause may children with autism discomfort - even pain - as well as anxiety.  The noise can lead to tantrums; which make safe exiting the classroom difficult.
Visual cues are an important of learning and remembering any task or schedule for kids with autism - and many other special needs.  Have visual cues for fire drills posted in the classroom. Have each child have his/her own copy in his/her desk.  Allow them to carry these visual cues throughout the fire drill, to help remind them - without verbal nagging or unnecessary verbalizing.
Take this set of visual cues for use in your classroom or home.

Adding and Subtracting Using Open Number Lines

Adding and Subtracting Using Open Number Lines
Teaching addition and subtraction on open number lines can be tricky, especially communicating to parents.  Here is a great freebie that might help you out

3rd Grade Grapevine

Talking About Feelings with Five Little Ducks

It's super important for little ones to learn to express how they feel. Check out Liz's Early Learning Spot for ideas: sing the free animated song with your kiddos and use it as a springboard for conversations about feelings. Includes a free poster of the lyrics. It's an emotionally-adapted version of Five Little Ducks.

I wish you happy teaching and learning,

Hay (na) ku and Noun Verse

My frequent readers know that I love teaching students to write poetry.  Although it is not specifically called out in Common Core Standards, I find these mini-lessons help students with expanding vocabulary, learning literary devices, and using tools in their writing.
Today I want to share with you a printable form with two poetry for the price of one.  (Yes, that still means that they are both free.) Click here to grab my freebie Hay (na) ku and Noun Verse.

Artistry of Education

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