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How to Write Senryu and Tanka Poetry Forms

Here is a one page printable lesson to teach two poetry forms.  Senryu is a form of poetry with a 5,7,5 syllable scheme.  It is like a haiku, but a senryu focuses on human behavior while a haiku focuses on seasons and nature.

This freebie on Artistry of Education has an example of each form and blanks for students to write their own.

Artistry of Education

Paper Bag Gingerbread Houses with Free Candy Printable

Christmas is getting close!

If you want to squeeze in another craft for the kids in the next few days, you may like to try this one -

Paper Bag Gingerbread Houses!

I used it with my 3 and 4 year old preschool classes, but it would be a fun activity for a variety of ages.

If you'd like to pick up a free candy printable to make this craft, just click here to get to my post!

Remix a Nursery Rhyme

Humpty Dumpty fell
off a wall
Could not be repaired
This is a remixed Nursery Rhyme.  I took the words from a traditional Nursery Rhyme and remixed them into a poetry form called the Lune whose syllable scheme is 5/3/5.
Here is another one in the form of a senryu (5/7/5):
Forgetful kittens
Lose their mittens while Mama
Cat loses temper

Artistry of Education

Holiday Themed Morning Work Freebie

The buses start to roll in at 8:35am and students are allowed to arrive anywhere between then and 8:50 am, so I always have to have something for kids to be doing that is productive. Is that what your schedule is like?

Grab a morning work freebie with a holiday theme that is great for that block in the morning. Lots of great review! Head over to my blog here to grab it or click on the image below.

Happy holidays!

Winter Math & Literacy Sampler

Hi Everyone!  Andrea here from Tricks of the Trade in First Grade!

Here is a winter sampler that contains Math & Literacy printables.  

You will find the following included:

-Word Sort (short a & long a words)  
-Color by Short Vowel Sound
-Be a Vowel Detective
-Addition Math Sort
-Addition Fact Platters
-Skating Up & Back on the Number Grid

Just click here or on the image below!  

Happy Holidays!

Teacher Alert: Polar Express ~ FREE Printables!

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from

Polar Express Freebies!

Happy Holidays!!!  Polar Express celebrations are going on in classrooms all around the world!  

Are you looking for last minute ideas and printables for your Polar Express unit?

I have ** 4 ** FREE Polar Express goodies for you on my teaching blog. 

The freebies are all listed together on one page, so it is very convenient for you to get to The Polar Express printables.   Please click here, to get your free goodies!

Merry Christmas! 

Christmas Sight Words Print and Go

Christmas really is my favorite time of year! I love almost everything about it, except the busyness! So here is a quick and easy solution for your literacy centers - Christmas Sight Words Print and Go.

Super simple to use! Just print the word and have students read the sight word three times. They can color the words if desired.

Have students find the sight word using a bingo marker, stamp or color.

On the ribbon, students can rainbow write the sight word. Students then color, trace and identify the number of syllables in the word.

Finally, students box, write and build the word.

Click on the images or HERE to download.

Merry Christmas!

Fractured Fairy Tales: When Good Characters Go Bad

Once upon a time Baby Bear lived with his parents in a cabin in the woods.  Along came Goldilocks who recruited Baby Bear to a life of crime.
Fractured Fairy Tales is a favorite genre of mine to teach with my students.  I have a printable wanted poster on Artistry of Education to inspire original fractured fairy tales and make an interactive bulletin board. (Students from other classes stop by our bulletin boards and read our work.)
I hope you enjoy using this idea with your students.

Artistry of Education

I Have Who Has Kindergarten Christmas Games

Do you need a way to engage your Kindergarten students during the last few days before Winter Break?  If you said yes, then try out my Kindergarten Christmas I Have Who Has Games.  There are 5 different games so you can pick, which one or ones will work best for your class.  This game is also great because it incorporates listening skills.  Children have to listen to the who has part to know if they have the card!

Click on any of the pictures to hop to my store to download it!

 Christmas Kindergarten I Have Who Has Games

 Christmas I Have Who Has Kindergarten Games

 Christmas I Have Who Has Kindergarten Games

 Christmas I Have Who Has Kindergarten Games

Thanks for hoppin' by!


Penguin Print & Go Fun

Are you looking for some fun no-prep activities for the winter? These FREE penguin math and literacy worksheets are just the thing!
Included are a fun addition page using dice, and a cut and paste sight word page to build fluency!

Santa's Cookies Comparing Fractions

We all know how much Santa loves his cookies so I made up this fun fraction game. This game will help keep your students engaged during the last week to week and half before your students are on winter break.  It is perfect for math learning centers.  Click on either picture to hop to my store to download it!

 Santa's Cookies Fractions

 Santa's Cookies Fractions

Thanks for hoppin' by!

FREE: Christmas Doodle Coloring Pages!

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from 

FREE:  Christmas doodle pages to color.

10 days until Christmas Eve! Celebrate!!

I have a FREEBIE to share with you that is absolutely perfect for using the week before the Winter break, or even for that Christmas party day...  Oh, that is such a longggg day!

FREE:  Christmas doodle pages to color.

These Christmas doodles are sure to keep your kiddos engaged for a while.  

Even BIG KIDS love coloring doodles!  They are packed with detail and really do take a bit of time to finish them.

FREE:  Christmas doodle pages to color.

If you would like to get some FREE Christmas doodles of your own, please click here.

Best wishes!

Need a Last-minute Christmas Craftivity for Vocabulary, Phonological Awareness or Articulation?

Grab this brand-new freebie!

Quick-prep last-minute activity to teach seasonal vocabulary, description, articulation and phonological awareness.

My kids are so motivated to do holiday activities, so I created this one to embed plenty of learning opportunities in our holiday fun!

Make a cute stocking with the pattern in this craftivity. Decorate and add a stocking on the back to create a pocket. Now you are ready to have your children sort the included pictures that begin with /st/ with those that don't.

Teach listening skills by describing the Christmas vocabulary pictures. Have the children guess the answer, before stuffing their stocking! Older children can describe the picture and have the others guess.

Speech Language Pathologists will use it to teach articulation of the/st/ blend.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Multiplication Riddles

It is almost Christmas break and do I ever need some free time. The excitement is in the air and the students are stirring.

Here are three fun Christmas Pages for students to practice multiplying numbers to 10 x 10.
 Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays from me to you!

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