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Free Background Paper Clip Art Set from Chirp Graphics

I stumbled across this image the other day.  Too funny.  
If you're a Ryan Gosling fan, you might like it, too.

Who says teachers don't get noticed?! :)

I've been adding lots of new items to my Chirp Graphics shop in the past couple of weeks. 

My latest addition is a set of background papers for your projects and resources.

These png images are resizeable, but they are currently
 set to fit an  8 1/2" x 11" standard page. 

If you'd like to download a set, just pop over to my Chirp Graphics shop {here.}  

If you like the set, feedback on downloads is much appreciated!  I love reading your comments and it really helps me build my little store!
Thank you! :)

Place Value Game With A Twist!

Most children love to play games, no matter their age.  We need to allow our wonderful intermediate age children the chance to play learning games at school and at home.

My blast games have been a huge hit in the classroom.  They come with a very unique twist.  What is the twist you ask?  You'll have to hop over to my store to find out and download this fun rounding place value game up to the 6 digits for free.  You're students will be begging you to let them play it again and again!

Click the picture to check out the game!

Thanks for hoppin' by!  Keep on smiling!

Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings

Sentence Success! {Sentence Writing Strategy}

Jen Bradshaw here from Teacher Karma.  

I want to share with you a sentence writing strategy that worked for the kiddos in my class when I was a first and second grade teacher.

I created this student sheet because my students were leaving out important parts of speech and their sentences lacked meaning.  

Breaking down the sentence...or building it this fashion helped my kids to recognize that a sentence must have certain parts so that others can understand what they have to say.

Here is a simple example of the strategy.  If you would like to read more and get your own FREEBIE, please click here or on the picture above.

Best wishes!

It's Ice Cream Time!

It's Ice Cream Time is perfect for students learning how to tell time.  Students practice telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, and using AM/PM.  Aligns to the 2nd grade Common Core standards.

You get 4 different worksheet options in this freebie.

Options pictured below:

Students write the time each ice cream shop opens.  These times are to the quarter hour.

They also write the time that they enjoy each treat.  These times are to the hour.

Options not pictured:
Students draw hands on the clocks to show what time each student enjoyed their ice cream treat.  This page is telling time to the half hour.

Students read the event and they write the time as well as label using AM or PM.  These times are to the quarter hour.

Wonderful practice after you've taught time.  These worksheets are perfect for homework or quizzes.

Thanks for stopping by!

Back to School Ice Breaker and So Much More

Back to School Ice Breaker and So Much More

For many of you, school is well underway and you are already organized
into groups, teams, and partners. However, this product is still very useful
for you. It can be used throughout the year.
This is a great way to create groups, form partnerships,
and practice matching numbers with their words at the same time.
Click on the pictures to get your copy.

I plan to use these in my classroom
throughout the year.


Using Function Tables with Patterns in Number

I have created a problem-solving website called Math Spies where students solve math problems to capture criminals.  In Episode 5, students use function tables to solve coded messages.  I have a free version of the worksheet where students can fill in the function tables from the website.

To try it out and download the freebie Function Tables, please visit Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Teachers: Get Organized with this FREEBIE!

Jen Bradshaw 
here from 

I know teachers, and what I know about teachers is that we LOVE KIDS!  

What we HATE is not being able to find graded spelling tests, ungraded book reports, papers we need to send to the copy machine, our turkey and cheese goes on and on.

We have SO MUCH going on every single day that we are literally strong-armed into being organized by nature.

I created these cute, colorful organizational tools: TEACHER'S TO DO LISTS just for you.  :) 


Please click here, or on one of the Teacher's TO DO Lists above to get your FREE copy.

Best wishes!

CVC Interactives and Printables

So your little learners have mastered the sounds of the alphabet and you are looking for ways to introduce CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. Great! This pack is filled with interactive activities and printables to help your little learners read CVC words while having fun! Here are just a few examples of what is included:

The favorite way to use the Read, Make and Write mats in my classroom has always been with playdough instead of the magnetic letters shown here. Other fun ways to make the word have included pipe cleaners and lego letters.

These flip books are great for reading the rhyming words! Love the confidence that comes when the little learners get the hang of it!

A variety of printables have been included. The interactive element of this flip-flap adds to the fun!

Little learners enjoy creating their very own book to illustrate and read. 

These activities are great for Word Work and Centers! Click HERE or on the pictures above to get your 'ap' Word Family Pack!


WILD card games

Do your kids like to play games?  Are you looking for some better ways to manage your math centers?  How about a card game that is played like Uno, but has an educational twist?

I created these games as a way to help my son, who is autistic, practice playing games for his social skills work.  He especially needed to practice losing (who doesn't, right?!?).

Since he loves Uno,  I wanted to change up the game without making him learn a bunch of new rules.  He also loves math (he brings a calculator with him wherever we go and has memorized the first 120 digits of pi) so I started simple with multiplication.  He loved it so much, we created other versions!

We got his sister involved too.  We actually all really like the game and play often.  Sometimes, we even mix up the decks and play with an even bigger deck of cards and with more of a challenge.

And, you can grab the full version of the multiplication game for FREE!

I would love to hear your thoughts of the games!  

Making Text to Text Connections

When I first read my daughter the book My No, No, No Day by Rebecca Patterson I couldn't help but find similarities to the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  The book is like a preschooler version of Alexander.  It follows Bella through a rough day where she is annoyed by her baby brother, frustrated with what her mom makes for meals, acts up in the store, fights with a friend and complains about going to bed.  The teacher in me instantly thought about how great these books would be to use for exploring text to text connections.  I've created some generic graphic organizers for text to text connections.  These will work with these two books or any other books you want to use in your classroom.  Click on the image below to get your freebie.

Apples - True or False Balancing Equations Sort Freebie

I love all the apple thing going on in September! What about you?

Here's an apple-themed balancing equations sort:

 Here's an idea: APPLE balancing equations sort

First, kids have to decide whether the balancing equations (addition and subtraction) are true or false. Then, they gather all the apples that have the same result around the correct tree. Finally, they write down their findings on the answer recording sheet for accountability.

Great for a math center in a 1st or 2nd grade classroom!

Let me know if you like it!

Lucy S.

 Here's an idea by Lucy S.

Alliteration Lesson Plan

 My students had so much fun writing sentences with alliteration, some worked on it when they were finished with other assignments without my prompting.  I was happy because they practiced using a dictionary and using parts of speech.


Artistry of Education

Halloween Phonics Fun: What are you for Halloween?

With Halloween around the corner I thought we would have some fun with a cute worksheet geared for kindergarten and first grade.  Students can read, trace and fill in the blank to four sentences:  I am a _________________ (for Halloween).  What will you be for Halloween?  

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