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Subtraction WITH Regrouping Printable

Here is a practice sheet for subtraction with regrouping.  Stop by my blog to download!

3 Digit Subtraction (Earth Day freebie)

Here's a free Earth Day subtraction without regrouping printable! 
Click the image to download your copy.

Magnetic Sort

My kiddos love doing experiments! 
One of their favorites is when we sort magnets. 
Click on the image below to grab your free Magnetic Sorting Experiment.

3rd Grade Grapevine

Heroes, Villains, and Character Traits: Oh My!

I love using fairy tales and folk tales to help my kids dig into the CCSS. I teach in a really low-income area and many of my kids have never heard most of the stories my parents read to me as a little girl.

When I brought out Little Red Riding Hood not too long ago, they were entranced. I love it.

I would love to share a copy of this activity with you! Come and grab it at Third Grade Bookworm by clicking any of the images in this post!

Recycle Writing Freebie

Hi, it's Teresa from Fun in K/1!  I'm just stopping by to share a writing activity and graphic organizer about recycling.  As Earth Day approaches it is a great time to teach about recycling.

Just click here to come by and grab this freebie.
Fun in K/1

Line Plot Activity with Easter theme

Grab your copy of this Easter-themed line plot practice.


3rd Grade Grapevine

Earth Day Gameboard

Here's a versatile gameboard to use during your Earth Day celebration. Click the picture and go to the blog post.

Friendship Writing Prompt

We've been working on a fantastic unit for the centennial celebration of Japan's gift of Cherry Blossom trees to America in 1912!  The trees were meant as a sign of friendship between the two countries.  Stop by my blog to download a free friendship writing template.  You can see pictures of the art project we completed to go along with our writing while you are there!

Easter Egg Decimal Assessment

Assess your students on their knowledge of
decimal fractions using a number line.

3rd Grade Grapevine

2 "Egg"celent freebies

Here are some "egg"celent games just in time for spring! You can pick up your free copies of both of these games at my blog or by clicking the images below.  Enjoy!

Letter Reading Comprehension

Hi, it's Teresa from Fun in K/1!  Reading comprehension isn't just about understanding stories.  We need to be able understand all that we read.  This reading comprehension passage is to practice understanding a friendly letter.

Many of the standardized test we will be taking soon will also have similar reading comprehension passages.  This would be a great practice exercise.  Click here to come on over and grab it.
Fun in K/1

Jeopardy Math Review Game

 Stop by to download a copy of a review game for kindergarten math skills.

Magneting Sorting Center

My kiddos love exploration centers. This year, our school has implemented a S.T.E.M. lab.  (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). 
Everything in that lab is dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math.  They'll love getting to sort various objects to test and see if they have any magnetic properties.  Here is the experiment we will use.  Click on the image below to get your free copy. Enjoy!

3rd Grade Grapevine

Easter Activity and Writing from Charlotte's Clips

This is one of my favorite Printables for Young Children.  I hope your children enjoy it too.
Download free Sequencing Card and Craft idea at my Blog

Download Holy Week Writing Prompt

Charlotte's Clips and Kindergarten Kids

SQ3R Note-Taking Handouts

SQ3R is a note-taking systems that stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review. It's a note-taking system that's been around for a long time with good reason--it works! Try it with your students and witness their success! Happy teaching! Click here.

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