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Five in a Row: Gomoku Improper Fractions

To play this game, students take turns rolling two dice.  They use the numbers to create an improper fraction and mark it on a game board like the one shown below.  The first player to get five in a row wins.


Artistry of Education

Phonics Passage

This booklet focuses on R-Controlled "ir". Read the passage multiple times for fluency, there a re a variety of comprehension questions, and a word work opportunity on the back. Use this booklet to support your weekly reading program, provide a home-school connection by sending them home for family use or summer practice, RtI, perfect for English Language Learners, and small or whole group instruction.
Grab this freebie, HERE.

Find the Evidence Reading Comprehension Passages

Do you need some fun resources to help your students with their fluency and reading comprehension? Then you are in luck!! This "Find the Evidence" pack has SIX free reading comprehension passages for you to use with your students! There are 2 different levels, so you can find what works best for your students!
Find the Evidence - Reading Comprehension Pack
What makes these passages so effective is that students will use crayons or colored pencils to go back to the passage and underline the evidence for their answers.
Click HERE to grab it and see how successful your students can be!

Writing Prompt: Is the Easter Bunny Guilty of B & E?

You decide: Is the Easter Bunny guilty of breaking and entering, or was he framed?

Included in this post on Artistry of Education is an expanded writing prompt and a printable Wanted Poster.

Artistry of Education

Birthday Number Match Cards

Looking for number matching activities? Pop over to Liz's Early Learning Spot and download these sweet cards.

They include cupcakes with candles, candle tally marks, gift ten frames and digits.


Shades of Meaning

Shades of Meaning
We've all heard of synonyms and antonyms, but what about semantic gradients?  In the CCSS they're called shades of meaning, which means the subtle differences between words that have similar meanings.  

All these words mean hot; sizzling, warm, scorching, steamy. But, they would be used in different situations.  One way for students to better understand these gentle differences is to arrange them in order by intensity.  Like this. . .
warm, hot, steamy, sizzling, scorching.  The order may vary, but kids can discuss and defend their arrangement.  It leads to great discussions!

In this freebie you'll get a PowerPoint slide that shows students how to come up with a list of words and then arrange them in a semantic gradient order.  There is also an idea of how to use shades of meaning to help readers and writers. 

 Shades of Meaning--Crockett's Classrooom

April Fools Day Fun

Who likes to joke around with their students?  Me!  Have them try and guess these silly jokes...  make a tray of brown-Es, a bowl of cheery Os, or give them some blue bear Es.  :-)  Enjoy these April Fools Day Phonics Fun!  

Boost your Word Wall Activity

Here's a fun way to work with your word wall.
Word Wall Bingo!


Easter Contractions

My students enjoy literacy centers and I try and vary them depending on a concept we are working on or a holiday approaching. This is a partner center I use for Easter time. Partners use the egg cards to play concentration to math contractions. The winner is the one with the most eggs at the end. Fun!!
I recommend printing on card stock and laminating so they last year after year.


Bar Graph Poster Activity Freebie

To help my students review bar graphs, I created a bar graph poster and a set of task cards. The poster is printed on a full-sized piece of paper. In my classroom, I taped the bar graph poster to the wall and hung the task cards underneath. The students visited the bar graph as one of their math centers for the week.

To download the free poster and task cards, please click on the picture below or click on this link.

 photo Bar Graph Posters Sampler.jpg

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Write 30 Rhymes in 30 Days

April is National Poetry Writing Month.  I often participate personally, and the last several years I have created a challenge that is geared toward elementary students.  This year I am focusing on writing couplets, which are the building blocks for longer poems.  I chose a word family for each day of the month.  I challenge you and your students to write a poem each day in April.

To download April 2015 Poetry Challenge, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Five in a Row: Gomoku with Fractions

This is one of a series of five-in-a-row dice games, I have created for my classroom.  For this game players roll two dice and create a fraction.  They place a marker on the game board pictured below.  The first player to place five markers in a row wins.

Artistry of Education

Charts for R-Controlled Vowels

This is that time of year when I still have a few students who just haven't quite mastered those tricky r-controlled vowels, so I put together these little classroom charts as an extra resource for them.  I can keep them small and use them during guided reading groups or enlarge them and hang them as posters near my word wall as a reference for everyone to see.  

If you have a few children who need a little more coaching in this way, you can download these posters in my TPT store.

Happy teaching!
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Journal Choice Board FREEBIE!

Are you looking for a way to support your students' journal writing? Use choice boards with your students! The choice boards provide options for students to choose when writing in their journals.

This freebie contains a choice board that you can use with students when they are writing in their journals. You can use this choice board in a number of different ways :

students choose one of the options when they respond in their journal.

teachers use the choice board for tiered responses. Students begin with drawing the picture and then progress through each option as they are able to demonstrate proficiency of each option.

use the choice board as a data collection tool. Encourage students to provide a sample of each type of journal writing outlined on the choice board. By looking through the student writing samples, you can better target each student’s need in the area of writing.

I hope your students enjoy using the journal choice board.

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Conversion Chart for Customary Measurement

During our measurement unit, I make a copy of the chart below and have students keep it in the math section of their notebook.  We talk about how to convert different measurements using the chart. 

Artistry of Education

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