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Pumpkin Patch Game

Here's a fresh idea for reviewing spelling words, math facts or any skills your students need to practice. The Pumpkin Patch keeps students engaged through the sometimes boring repetitive practice they need to master sight words or math facts.  Before each move a student must first answer a math fact, spell a word or read a vocabulary card.  You choose the skill because you supply the cards or word lists.  Simply copy, laminate and tape the two sides of this game board together and  you're all set!
s The Pumpkin Patch Game

Hope your kids enjoy the game!

Sight and Sound Reading: 'All' word family pumpkin worksheet

It is hard to believe Halloween will be here next week. Crazy!  Anyway, today Sight and Sound Reading's free worksheet can actually be used for either Halloween OR Thanksgiving.  It is generic/pumpkin/fall themed!!  Today students get to fill in the pumpkins with the "all" word many words can you make using the "all" word ending?  Students can then color the pumpkins if you wish...  This worksheet is great for kindergarten or first grade.  Boo!

Foolproof Reading Strategy to Improve Comprehension FREEBIE!

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from 

How to improve reading comprehension with strategies.
Thinking strategies to improve reading comprehension

Reading without meaning is like eating pizza without cheese....and NOBODY wants that!

So how do we get our students to make connections to the text, think while they are reading, and focus on what is most important......MEANING??

When I was in the classroom, I had great success with using the following anchor chart,  Reading is Thinking.  It is a great way to kick off a mini-lesson by presenting the thinking strategies that they will be learning about and USING EVERY DAY...really for the rest of their lives. 

How to improve reading comprehension.
Reading strategies to improve comprehension

In my opinion, the 6 most important reading strategies are:

  • asking questions
  • predicting
  • summarizing
  • visualizing
  • inferencing
  • making connections

Never try and do all of these strategies in one day!  Depending on the grade level you teach, you may want to spend a whole week on each thinking strategy before moving on to the next one.
If you would like to pick up your freebie and learn more about strategies to improve your student's comprehension, click here please.  :)

Best wishes!

Skeleton Number Puzzles

Are your kids working on numbers?  How about some FREE puzzles, with a skeleton/bones theme?

You can grab this differentiated set {HERE} for FREE!  They come in 2, 3, and 4 pieces so you can easily differentiate, or they can grow with your kids throughout the year.  Students will math tally marks, tens frames, digits, and number words with these fun puzzles.  They make great math centers!

Pumpkin Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture

What better way to check your students' number sense than with a fun hundreds chart mystery picture? This free pumpkin cutie comes in 2 versions so you can differentiate as needed!

Pumpkin Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture

Students can color in the squares by using the key on a chart that is already filled out, or they can use the blank chart to fill in the numbers 1-100 and then complete the mystery picture! Either way, they will love it! Grab it for free HERE!

Free Parts of Speech Task Cards for Fall

Fall is such a fun season! By using fall-themed activities, teachers can "trick" students into practicing pretty much anything! They'll be so interested in all the pumpkins and leaves, they won't realize how much they're actually working.

If you're looking for a review or practice activity for parts of speech, you'll certainly like this FREE Fall-themed Parts Of Speech Task Cards.

You will have students working on identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs!

 Free Parts of Speech Task Cards for Fall by Lucy S.

Hope you enjoy this set!


 Here's an Idea by Lucy S. blog

Using Story Boards for Reading and Writing

I love using graphic organizers that have more than one purpose.  I created a simple story board and I use it when students are summarizing stories.  They can use the same form for creating their own narratives.

Stop by Artistry of Education to pick up this story board and get tips on how I use it in class.

Artistry of Education

I Spy Literacy Center

When I'm looking for new center ideas they have to have three traits: easy to set up, fun for kids, provides meaningful practice.  This center has it all!  All you need is I Spy books or something similar with lots of pictures for kids to look through.  Even old magazines or catalogs would work.

Kids look through the pages and record items they see that match specific phonics patterns.  Here the child found "man" and "pan" for the /an/ word family.

This recording sheet focuses on short a word families.

Kids love I Spy books and they will be excited to practice phonics skills with this center!

Enjoy : )

Hannah Braun

Arthur's Halloween ~ Let's SCARE Up some FREE FUN!

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from 

Arthur's Halloween FREEBIE.
Arthur's Halloween Freebie

Happy, almost, Halloween!  Marc Brown's character, Arthur, is one of the coolest aardvarks I know.  You know what's funny?  I actually thought that he was an anteater for many, many years.  Which is really crazy, because he looks nothing like an anteater.  I got the nose all wrong!   

Arthur's Halloween is wonderful for teaching just about any comprehension skill that you need to reinforce with your students.  From metacognition, characterization, cause and effect, YOU NAME IT, Arthur's dynamic character makes teaching comprehension skills easier.

I am a literacy coach and what I always tell my teachers is that you don't teach a book, YOU TEACH STRATEGIES, CONCEPTS, AND SKILLS.  It really doesn't matter which book you choose....but choose Arthur's Halloween in this case.  

Marc Brown Arthur's Halloween
Arthur's Halloween story elements organizer

This FREEBIE  candy corn organizer is great for teaching story elements and narrative text structure.  

FREE Arthur's Halloween printables
Arthur's Halloween FREEBIES
If you have ever read my blog before or downloaded any of my FREEBIES, you know that I am HUGE into teaching with metacognition and making text connections to strengthen reading comprehension.  The student handout above allows students to choose the kind of connection they made to the text and then write about it.

Below is the last FREEBIE in my Arthur's Halloween download.  It is not explicitly about Arthur, but I wanted to share it with you because it allows students to be a little creative and incorporate writing skills in the process.  I hope you will visit my blog, Teacher Karma, to get more ideas on Arthur's Halloween and download the freebies I discussed here.

Arthur's Halloween freebies
Halloween FUN writing activity

Best wishes!

Multiplication Mystery Picture - Superhero!

Want to make multiplication practice a little more fun? Add a little mystery and a superhero to it! Your kids will love discovering this superhero mystery picture while they practice their facts!

Get it for FREE HERE!

FREE Superhero Multiplication Mystery Picture


Free Math Station: Multiplication Bingo

I have a series of math games that I have students play to practice their math facts while I work with individuals and small groups.  Today I want to share with you Multiplication Bingo.  The preparation is minimal.  In fact I share with you in the same post as the Multiplication Bingo freebie how I set up some easy math stations.
I hope you find this useful.

Artistry of Education

Thanksgiving-themed Writing Paper

Give your little ones a chance to write with this colorful Thanksgiving-themed paper
Have your kiddos write:
  • what they are thankful for,
  • how their family plans to spend Thanksgiving, or
  • as a response to a book they've read that has theme centering around "being thankful".


3rd Grade Grapevine

Tattling, Tatttling, Tattling

Hi everyone,  Julie from The Teaching Bug.  Teaching little kindergartners is a joy.  Although they love to do one thing....tattle.  After a long talk about what important things we do tell on one another and what things we do not.  This idea came to me after dealing with a lot of unnecessary tattling.  Head on over to my blog to read what we did and grab this little freebie to post in your own classroom.

Real or Spooky Words? Freebie

Hello friends! I made this activity to help children sound out letters and recognise and read familiar words. I created it in a Halloween theme. :)

Just print (there are many options on how you could print this - if you're saving, just print two pages on one A4 page and cut out the cards if students are working in a group and if you are hanging the cards around the classroom, it's preferable that you actually print each page on one A4). Have the students walk around the classroom and find the 'real' and 'spooky' words. SO much fun!

Click on any picture to take you to the post to download it. :)

I hope your students enjoy this activity! :)


Learning Numbers When You Only Have a Minute

Do you have 3 spare minutes and you want your kids learning instead of milling around?

Have these Cootie Catchers from Liz's Early Learning Spot on stand-by in a place quick and easy to find so they can pair up and have some fast fun practicing numbers.

There are 3 Catchers in the free download covering numbers 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12 and they include tally marks, ten frames and groups of symbols for subitizing.

I hope you can make good use of these and wish you happy teaching and learning.

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