Teach Reading Strategies With "Lips the Fish," by "Miss Jenny and Edutunes"

Do you use Beanie Babies for Guided Reading in your classroom? If not, they're a fun way to introduce reading skills to your students. I've teamed with Deanna Jump to create some "Beanie Babies Guided Reading" songs and activities! You can get the FREE "Lips the Fish" song by clicking here.


Lips the Fish teaches an early reading strategy--focusing on the first sound in a word. To practice, show children different words. For "Lips," practice making the /l/ sound together. For "the," stick out your tongues to practice the /th/ sound. For "fish," practice /f/.

I hope you enjoy the song. Please tell me what you think...I LOVE making a difference for children through MUSIC!


-Jenny Fixman Kramer

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