Multiplication Presentations!

Multiplication is so critical in elementary school - especially in third grade where the standards are almost to the entire curriculum! (Alright, I may be exaggerating a bit, but it is a lot!)  In fact, in third grade, teachers have to teach students the four different ways to represent multiplication such as equal grouping, repeated addition, creating arrays, and using a number line.  

Since I want to make sure students not only can represent these four ways, but also understand the real, deeper meaning of multiplication, I have them present it in a bit of a nontraditional way.  I throw out the paper and pencil (but really hunt it down later for this anyway...), and give them one of these ways to present it:

Using a hot air balloon.  That's right... Soaring high for multiplication representation!
Creating a star mobile.  Because we are super stars with multiplication!
Creating a fun, four door foldable.  (I have no amazing saying here.  Bummer!)
Frayer Model Math Multiplication Strategies and representation FREE

Of course I also have a really neat looking Frayer Model printable for them too:
Frayer Model Math Multiplication Strategies and representation FREE

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