Counting by 5s to 100 Display

I literally made this forever freebie and put it up in my classroom last week. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite class routines.

Are your students having a hard time learning how to count by 5s? Mine sure were and the small hundreds chart that I was trying to use to help them practice wasn't working. This might be the answer!
It's SO easy peasy!

1. Print out the hands. 
2. Give each student in your class a hand to decorate. 
3. Put them up somewhere in your classroom. (I chose to do a square so that the ends of my rows were 25, 50, 75, and 100). 
* I have not introduced the quarter yet, but when I do I will print out the quarter clip art that I have included in this product and place it at the end of each row. This will hopefully reinforce counting quarters/counting by 25s. 

Click on the picture below to get the freebie from my store.


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