Comprehension Puzzles

Comprehension is always a hard thing to teach, especially to younger students.  Emergent readers are just learning how to read/decode text, but they also need practice in understanding the text they are reading.  

I've created a FREE set of Comprehension Puzzles that are fun, colorful, and will help your students practice their reading and comprehension skills at the same time!!

After printing and laminating for durability, cut apart the puzzle cards and place in a center or station.  Students will read the top part of the puzzle and find the picture that the sentence is referring to.  
Reading practice AND Comprehension practice in one, easy-peasy center!

Depending on your students, you may want to place only a few puzzle cards out at a time.  However, if your students need a challenge and are pretty good readers, you may let them try to match up all 26 puzzles at one time!  

You can download these free comprehension puzzles here.  

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