Time-Filler. It's NOT a Dirty Word Anymore.

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from 

How to use time fillers in your classroom.  TeacherKarma.com
Classroom time fillers

Some teachers and principals think "time-filler" is a dirty word. 

The truth is, even for the very best teachers, time fillers happen in the classroom.

It may sound strange, but there really is a way to use time fillers in your classroom and keep your students, as well as yourself, out of trouble. 

I'll go a step further.  

These classroom time fillers will actually help your students to practice their higher-level thinking skills AND they require almost no effort from the teacher.  Smile.

How to use time filling activities in the classroom.  TeacherKarma.com
Secret to using classroom time fillers

Below, you will find a few of the classroom time filler activities I included in this freebie for you.  There are more included in the download.

Classroom time fillers for your classroom.  TeacherKarma.com
List of classroom time fillers

After you read and print out my favorite time fillers, the first thing you will want to do is jot down some of the ideas that you can use in your classroom today

You have to be prepared here. 

To make it easy on you, I included a form that you can use to write down the time filling activities that you want to use.  After filling it out, keep it handy so you can use it when you need it.

List of time filler activities for the classroom.  TeacherKarma.com
List of time fillers

For more ideas and to download your very own FREE cheat sheet for using time fillers in your classroom, please click here.
Best wishes!

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