Talking Turns

The freebie I am going to share with you today is one of my very favorites! 

When I was teaching kindergarten I observed a teacher who was conducing conversation circles (or literature circles) in kindergarten and it truly changed the way I teach.  I was amazed at the in depth conversation that these five year olds were having about a book!  I have spent the last 2 years putting my own "spin" on the things that I learned and falling deeper and deeper in love with helping students master speaking and listening benchmarks!

The freebie I am sharing with you today is a FABULOUS tool for helping students with speaking and listening goals as well as helping you with classroom management!  This is a set of "Talking Turn" cards.

Each student is given a set of cards to use during the conversation.  As students take a turn talking they flip to the next numbered card.  When they have used up all of their "turns" they become listeners only.  This has helped my students who "have a lot to say" choose their comments carefully (since they have a limited number of turns" and it helps quieter students to be accountable for their participation. 


This product is appropriate for all elementary aged students. Click here to get your cards! I hope you love this tool as much as I do!!

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