Grab Your Free Snack-Time Picture Communication Board for your AAC Users!

We use snack time for communicating in special ed classroom and speech therapy a lot.  It's unfortunate that we still focus on food, but so often this is what motivates our kiddos.  
So, as long as you're stuck with food to reinforce, how about getting away from requesting - that too tired, dead-end communication function.
You can do so much more at snack time than have kids make choices and requests for what they want to eat.
Kids often need help with opening containers or pushing straws into juice containers.  They sometimes need to tell us they don’t like something (more appropriately than throwing it, that is), or that they want more of something, or something different.  They might need to tell us that something fell on the floor.  Or that little Johnny took something (over the years “little Johnny” has gotten a really bad rep).
A student might want to tell you this is his favorite or that this tastes yummy - or yucky.  He might want to save some for later and need you to close it up.
As you can see, there is far more to snack time that making a request.  With all of the possible verbs and adjectives, I ran out of room on this 32 location board.  So, get your kids talking!

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