It's Ice Cream Time!

It's Ice Cream Time is perfect for students learning how to tell time.  Students practice telling time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, and using AM/PM.  Aligns to the 2nd grade Common Core standards.

You get 4 different worksheet options in this freebie.

Options pictured below:

Students write the time each ice cream shop opens.  These times are to the quarter hour.

They also write the time that they enjoy each treat.  These times are to the hour.

Options not pictured:
Students draw hands on the clocks to show what time each student enjoyed their ice cream treat.  This page is telling time to the half hour.

Students read the event and they write the time as well as label using AM or PM.  These times are to the quarter hour.

Wonderful practice after you've taught time.  These worksheets are perfect for homework or quizzes.

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