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Hey teaching friends!  I asked on my Facebook fan page yesterday what were some things you would be teaching soon and what you needed materials for - and the responses were all over the place from music resources to PK to high school economics!

As I am sure you realize - that is a WIDE range of grade levels and subjects that I am just not able to to know enough about - or even feel comfortable finding ideas being that I haven't taught many of those grades.

When I started my blog and FB page almost 3 years ago now, I wanted to connect with other like-minded teachers and be able to help when I could.  I realize that, while I ADORE each of my fans and would walk through fire for you, I am not quite THAT good.  :)

SO - in an effort to get back to where I began, I am opening up some SMALL grade level groups for grades K-5 (where I feel most comfortable).  These groups are not for pitching products or Donor's Choose projects, but instead a close-knit place where K-5 teachers specifically can go to bounce ideas off one another and share lesson planning, behavior management, parent activities, and more!  The groups will be capped at 500 a piece, so once it is locked, it is locked for good.

If you are interested in joining (they are free, of course), click on the corresponding image below and I will get you added as soon as possible.

Thanks all and I look forward to getting to know some of you even better in the coming months!

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