Kid Created Problem Solving

Have you ever let your students create their own word problems.  This is something I loved doing with my older students, but when I got to first grade, I struggled a little more, because although all that phonetic spelling is wonderful, it’s awfully hard to read.  So, here’s my solution – I created a cloze word activity that allowed us to make our own word problems.

1st – We wrote an addition word problem using the names of our friends. We also drew a picture to represent our word problem.


2nd – On the back, we wrote the addition fact that would solve the word problem we created.


3rd – We had each student’s page bound into a book and placed it on the “warm shelf” to be read over and over.

4th – Repeat Steps 1-3, with a subtraction fact.

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Want to try this with your class – click on any of the pictures and get the pages for FREE from my Google Docs.

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