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I reviewed addition strategies with my Year 2 students today. By the end of the lesson they were just starting to show signs of "getting it". Even my ones who struggle with maths were beginning to make connections.

I have made a basic sorting activity that I am going to use tomorrow to consolidate what we did today.

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Our school is really trying to cut down on photocopying so I have designed it as a partner activity so they will only need one sheet of paper between two.

Basically, students will work in pairs to cut and sort the facts into the appropriate groups. Some facts can go into more than one category. This is designed to promote some discussion about mathematical thinking amongst the students.

Students will use two pieces of recycled paper folded in half or a scrapbook page divided into quarters and paste the facts into the categories. Fast finishers can solve the facts as well but the focus of the lesson is on choosing appropriate strategies.

I have minimised the margins and eliminated the sides on the table so there are no little "left over bits" to end up on the floor.

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