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Hi all! I thought I would take a few minutes to give you some behind the scenes info about Classroom Freebies Too, why it was started, and who makes it so successful!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Charity Preston, and I am the creator and founder of PEN Group Online (which stands for Preston Education Network).  PEN Group consists of several websites, including:

As you can see, I am a fairly busy person since leaving the classroom behind last year to stay home with a little one.

The one thing I noticed as I was creating these websites, was that teachers are on tight budgets, and so many teachers will jump in and help out with whatever they have that might help others.  The sense of community is one of the reasons I went into teaching and I have worked on teams that were parallel to none.

In the sense of giving, Classroom Freebies was born!

I wanted to come up with a website where teachers who were willing to share their great ideas for free could all be pooled together and have a central place for which all other teachers could come and "shop" around, even with minimal classroom budgets.

All teachers K-12 can benefit, and the posts are actually only labeled according to the relevant grade levels, which makes it super easy to search.  For more about how to find your freebies, start {HERE}.

Who makes this site so successful?  The amazing contributors, of course!  They always have the BEST freebies to share and I am so excited that they agreed to join me on this journey!

You can show your support for CF by leaving them a thank you comment (there can never be enough of those), using the social media buttons under the title of each post by clicking on them to show that you liked something, pinning the posts on Pinterest, and adding any of the contributors/Classroom Freebies to your blogrolls/sidebar on your own site!

We appreciate any and all of the above - it is what keeps us motivated to continue to create great freebies for you to use in your classroom!

Questions, comments, or you just want to say hi?  Please contact me at Organized Classroom to submit.

Thanks for being a follower and stopping by!


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