Cultural Diversity Activities in Preschool - Free printable wheels!

When we think of teaching kids about diversity, we know that it all starts with the classroom dynamic. What teachers model, kids will follow. This post will outline some ways in Teaching Kids About Cultural Diversity and foster a classroom environment of diversity and cultural acceptance in a healthy manner. I’ve also created a fun clip wheel you can use to talk about different countries and cultures.

Teaching Kids About Cultural Diversity

Use this super fun clip wheel to talk to kids about cultural diversity! There are 20 countries included on two wheels. I would print them on large A3 paper, laminate them and use them with pegs. See below for instructions on how to use the wheels!

The wheel is super simple to make - just print and laminate then have the kids use pegs to identify their country and talk about it!

Grab your free copy right over at Sea of Knowledge!

Use BOOM to Practice Math Facts!


FREE Addition Fact Practice!

BOOM is a fun way to Learn. 

Find out how easy it is to practice, and grade using BOOM Learning!

     Boom cards play on current browsers, through interactive whiteboards, computers, and tablets. Boom card apps are also available. If you do not yet have a BOOM account, click HERE.

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It's soccer season and we are using those soccer balls to learn all about homophones.  This little activity was a great review to add to our interactive notebooks.  This was also a great resource to leave for my substitute on an unplanned sick day.  You can grab it here


Learning Number Recognition

It's just about that time again when the weather gets warm and all you want to do is eat ice cream.  Well we are bringing this excitement into the classroom with a fun printable to practice matching our numbers to number words.  Your students will enjoy playing with this at their math centers.  You can grab it here.


Self Grading Google Forms Adjective Lesson and 25 Practice Questions FREE


Google Classroom Can be Used to Teach Lesson, Practice, and Correct Student Work!

Find out how easy it is to teach, practice, and grade using Google Classroom!!!

This resource can be used in many ways. In my classroom, we go through the lesson slides as a whole group. The students then review the slides before completing the practice section. There are 25 questions to assess student learning.

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Snowy Synonyms and Antonyms

There's a chill in the air ...and a lot of synonyms and antonyms too.  :)  Here's a quick little freebie to print out and add to your classroom centers to reinforce synonyms and antonyms.  These little snowpeople are so cute.  I hope your students will love them as much as mine did.  ;)  


Christmas Classroom Elf Calendar of Activities-Free

Is an elf visiting your classroom this year?  Here's a list of fun and easy activities you can do with your elf when he visits the classroom.  You can grab the calendar of activities free here.