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FREE St. Patricks Day Themed Morning Message Starter!

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     Using the interactive whiteboard, an ELMO projector, or an overhead projector, students can edit the letters written to the group by Patty, the mischievous leprechaun. These lessons teach common core curriculum for language arts, and much more. Your students will learn letter writing, editing, and one of the hardest of the six writing traits - voice. Children love to find out what mayhem Patty has been up to in the classroom each night as they read and correct her messages every morning. Let Patty make learning language arts a fun part of your day!

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Trapped in a Snow Globe

This freebie goes along with the picture book The Snow Globe Family by Jane O'Conner but certainly can be used without reading the story.

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I added a second page for those students that need might a prompt.

Abraham Lincoln Interactive Notebook Activities

President's Day is around the corner and we are going to use this to research a little about Abraham Lincoln.  I share many read alouds to my class about Abraham Lincoln prior to completing these activities.  We usually complete a graphic organizer together on Abraham Lincoln or watch a short clip about his life. This freebie is a great supplement to the lesson and I can grab a grade or two from the activities.  Win Win.  You can grab it free here.  

Water Bottle Labels

Put a smile on your students face the moment they walk into your classroom. This water bottle label is a great way to welcome your students back to school after winter break.
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Valentine's Day Craftivity

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate in the classroom. I love watching the children pass out their treats and Valentine's cards to one another.   This year I wanted to do offer something different to my students /parents.  I love a good keepsake and I thought this might do the job.  I wanted the children to have a chance to place all of their Valentine's cards into a booklet so they could easily remember all the fun cards they received that year.  Another option is to send it home for parents and students to do together.  This would also be great colored or placed on construction paper and stapled together and displayed in the hallway.  Best part you can grab it free here

Metric Conversion Posters

These are a set of seven posters (kilometer, hectometer, dekameter, meters, decimeter, centimeter, and millimeter) - one set in color, the other in black and white.
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Print, laminate and hang. These are a great reference for your students when they are tackling metric conversions.

I Have, Who Has? Place Value

I Have, Who Has? activities are a simple way to review a concept with your students. Traditionally the game is played with the whole class. This game focuses on place value understanding.
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This game is aligned with the 5th grade Common Core (5.NBT.1)