Need a New Place Value Teaching Tool?

I asked the fans at Organized Classroom what their best tips were for teaching place value and they didn't disappoint!

Using those responses, I created a fun downloadable eBook for everyone to share, because sharing is caring!

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Snowman Synonym and Antonym

Who doesn't love snowmen?  It's getting a little chilly out there but we won't let that stop our fun in the classroom.  My students love having new things to play within our centers...especially in January when we just got back from the holiday break.  This is perfect and really cute too.  Head on over and grab your free set here.  

Digital Phonics Learning Activity for Winter

Start the New Year out with a BOOM.  Boom Digital Boom Task Cards™ are dynamite. Pardon the pun, but they really are explosive digital learning activities.  At first, I was I little skeptical of more “computer time,” but once I started using and creating them, I fell in love.  I have mentioned that I love using games to teach because they work exceptionally well for struggling students and dyslexics.  Plus, they are motivating and fun. 
Now I have yet another resource in my teaching toolbox.  They are high-quality digital game task cards for reading, phonics, math and more.  Since they are created by teachers, you can find decks on any topic or grade level. Students can play them on computers, ipads, tablets, and phones.  Teachers can use them on whiteboards.  Students complete each card by drag and drop, point and click, or fill in the blank.

Try this free deck to see how it works.  This is a fun winter phonics game where students practice initial consonant r blends while building a digital snowman. Great for strengthening phonics and phonemic awareness skills, decoding, and spelling. Each card has a picture and sound. Students choose the snowman part that matches the blend they hear and add to the snowman. At the end they have a completed snowman. As a bonus, they can decorate and redecorate a snowman on the last card. Blends included are: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, and tr.


New Year's Writing Freebie

The new year is a time to celebrate the beginning of something fabulous!  Have your kiddos write about how they celebrate using this free story starter.

Using this story starter, your kiddos will be able to write a perfectly ordered story all about the new year.  Click HERE to download this freebie now.

Hope you enjoy!


New Year's Bookmarks

It's a new year!  Welcome your kiddos back with some fun bookmarks.

This freebie includes 4 bookmarks per page.  One page is in color and the other page is in black and white so your friends can color their own bookmark. Click HERE to download your freebie.

Hope you enjoy!


Need some new word wall suggestions for setting yours up and what words to use?

I've got you covered at Organized Classroom!

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Free Christmas Bookmarks

Need a quick and easy gift for your kiddos?  I have the perfect freebie for you!

These fun Christmas bookmarks come in color and black and white for your friends to color.  Just click HERE to snag them from my blog.

Hope you and your kiddos love them!