Science Picture of the Day

My time in the classroom is VERY limited.  I have so much to cram fit in during a day.  There are some days it feels so overwhelming and one little mishap can throw off my entire week of lesson plans!  

That's when I had to start integrating a bit.  I had to find a way to teach multiple subjects together.  I started slowly, but it was worth it.  I was finally freeing up time to meet in small groups for interventions while teaching ALL standards.  I was finally not feeling like I had to skimp a bit on the non-tested standards.  It was nice.  

While I adjusted many things (that you can read about through many different blog posts on my blog), one of the things I did was start using Science Picture of the Day as my morning work!  It was fantastic!

I love this because students look at a photograph from real life, make observations, note key details, and use science vocabulary to infer the science in the picture (look at all the reading standards we just covered while doing science!).  The possibilities - the science - are all open ended!  It is engaging and students love it!  After a while students were starting to say to me on the playground the science they saw around them in their own lives!  

I have it FREE for you too!  Check out my Science Picture of the Day here.

Happy Observing the Science!

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