Human Reproductive System Lesson

In many states, the study of the human reproductive system is covered in health classes during a human growth unit.   This reproductive system activity can be used in a variety of ways:

    A quick class review of vocabulary words used in the unit — the more the students know the vocabulary in each subject the easier it is for them to comprehend the subject at a higher level.

    A pre-test used to measure the depth of student knowledge

    An individual or partner class work assignment

    A graded substitute activity used to keep students busy and on task

    The answer sheet can be used as an information sheet and time saver where the reproductive vocabulary definitions are in one place.  The students can the spend their time locating the anatomical words on an anatomical diagram

Click on the Links below to download 2 free Google Docs:

Teacher Answer Sheet: 
Student Worksheet:
The Healthy Mind



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