Tools to Help With Classroom Management!

When I started teaching I received a flurry of materials left behind from another teacher.  Unfortunately, out of all the things she left, I had no idea what to use and what not to use.  

At the time I was also very overwhelmed with all the documentation we had to do as teachers.  We needed to make sure we documented everything for future use - behavior, academics, possible data for IEP's, so on!  I could barely keep up.  One weekend, I looked through many different behavior forms and then mashed them all together into a style I liked best.

I created forms for documenting each student's behavior for the entire week and placed that in their Friday Folders so parents knew exactly how that week went (and I could later reference for report cards and progress reports.  I don't know about you, my memory is just full of where each kid has to be on what day and... *sigh*).  Then I created forms for those students who need a daily report- you know.  The ones that sometimes are fabulous (near conference time) and the other times need a little "push" to remember to do the work or turn it in or to behave.  

There are more forms that I used at my website and FREE for you to download.  And I'm going to even let you in on a "secret" - they can be editable!  (However, this is an earlier blog post and well that was before I understood that font matters to readers.  So I apologize that the font is a bit um, hard to read.)  

Head on over to this page on my blog to download your FREE Behavior Management Tools/Forms!

Enjoy your week!

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