Making Words Language Arts Center

Looking to shake up your centers a little?  Teach your students this simple making words activity!

You will need some letter tiles or letter cards. I frequently find games with letter tiles (Scrabble, UpWords, etc.) at my favorite thrift stores for next to nothing.

Here's how it works:
1.  Students draw ten letters at random and write each letter on a line at the top of their recording sheet.
2.  They use their phonics skills to arrange the letters into a word.
3.  They record the word on the provided recording sheet.
4.  They continue rearranging their ten letters to make and record more words.

To focus on a particular phonics skill, give then "free" letter patterns (like a_e, ing, ar) that they can use even if they didn't draw those letters.  This freebie includes a simple recording sheet with no free letter patterns and a recording sheet with digraphs as free letters to encourage students to practice spelling words with digraphs.


                                                                     Hannah Braun

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