Class Rules (Whole Brain Teaching Style)

Are you a fan of whole brain teaching?  I can't get enough of it! My students are so engaged and our little routines are working out beautifully this year.  Love it!

One of my favorite routines takes place during our morning meeting everyday.  Each morning my "student of the day" comes up to go over "OUR CLASSROOM RULES!" (This is shouted with great enthusiasm while pointing to our rule wall.)
This simple little routine has helped my students to really think about our rules in a positive way.  I couldn't have been happier when an ESE teacher came to me yesterday to discuss one of her little cuties who is mainstreamed into my classroom.  Apparently, another student had a meltdown and my little guy prompted him "Come on... make smart choices.  Don't you want to make your dear teacher happy?"  This from a little guy who has hardly said 3 complete sentences this year.  He has not only been listening during our morning meetings but is understanding and transferring the skills we are reviewing.  I could not have been happier!!
So, in celebration of my little sweetie's milestone, I want to share my rule posters with you!  Hopefully this cute little set will make you happy, dear teachers!  Click HERE for your freebie!
Happy Teaching!


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