Back-to-School FIllable Data Tracker: Keeping Student Data at Your Fingertips

Happy Monday! Mrs. D from The Third Wheel back today with another back to school organizational tip. Only a few more weeks of summer left for me but I know many of you are already heading back, so I  am popping over to share my favorite must-have back to school data tracking tool.

Every year that exciting day arrives when the class list is put in my hand, and I get to dig into student folders. However, for my first few years teaching, I ended up writing chicken scratch all over scrap paper (don't was a system. Not a good one, but I was in over my head!), and trying to read my notes later. Finally I decided to design a spreadsheet to help myself, and that spreadsheet evolved into a printed form that I could take with me to the permanent record room. This year I am taking it once step further! I made the file fillable! Now all I need to do is record the data, and print my spreadsheet to keep in my data binder. Talk about making life easier!

I simply type in my students' names, check the boxes for their related services (Gifted, RTI, SpED, etc.), and enter in any testing data I might have. Easy-peasy, right? The data comes in handy when I am sitting in a meeting about a student concern or planning for small groups or conferences.

So without further ado, click the picture below and get this freebie from my Teacher Time Saver organizational tools. It comes in multiple colors, and you can easily fill in (and save) student names and data using Adobe Reader so you have a record that will help you all year long!

Hope you find this set of forms as useful as I do!

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