Back to School Color by Number

Those first few days back to school are always so intense!  The kids don't know you or your routines, there are supplies to put away, names to learn, and soo many questions to answer.  I love to have a few low-key activities available for when the kids are hyped up from the welcome-back assembly and you have to make it until lunch time ("is it lunch time yet, Mrs. Braun?").

Color by numbers are one of these go-to activities for me.  Here's a freebie color by number and it even has a back-to-school theme!  Kids solve the doubles math problems (all within 10) and then color the cute picture according to the answer they get.  And while the kids are busy with that, you can find places to stash the 3,000 glue sticks the kids brought, or go hide under your desk! ; )

Have it handy for one of those hectic moments when you need everybody to just simmer down : )  You'll thank yourself.


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