Create A Top 10 List for Year End

I know many of you are already sitting by the pool / beach / couch relaxing on your summer break... however, I've still got a few weeks to go.  Last week I did this activity with my classes and it was so eye-opening to hear to their discussions and see what they came up with.  

I asked my students to create a Top 10 List of the Big Ideas we learned this year.  First they worked individually, and then I asked them to get together in group of 3-4 and agree on a list.  Some great discussion resulted!!

The second list I had them work on was Top 10 List of Advice for next year's students.  Again, they did it individually and then as a group.  Some of the things on this list were hilarious... and a few things came shining through.  Apparently, I've got eagle eyes when it comes to cell phones, I really do expect them to work hard so it's "important to do all your work because it counts" and I like to tell stories that relate to what they are learning so it's a "good idea to listen to everything she says."

Also included in the download are lists for Top 10 School Moments and Top 10 Life Moments.  I've included the worksheets in both full sheet and half-sheet sizes as well as a paragraph paper for students to summarize a list.

Download the activity from my TpT Store by clicking on the images below.

You can also grab a copy of the activity directly from my BLOG.


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