What Is Your Classroom Theme This Year?

   It's that time of year when teachers need to transform their generic classroom into a welcoming space where children will feel special! How will you decorate your classroom this year?

     One of the best ways to do this is by having a classroom theme. 

Classroom theme decorating kit
Which one will you choose? 

     What should the theme be this school year? Make it something different! Great theme ideas include:









    Choosing a great theme is just the beginning! Next, you need to make each of your students feel unique and special. I do this by creating a nametag that is different for each of my students.

  Camping unique nametags

    These tags can be used on chairs, tables, word cards, folders, notebooks, journals, etc. Print them out at the beginning of the year. Make extra copies, they come in handy!

  Flamingo unique classroom them desk plate nametags

         Deskplates can also be personalized and secured to the desks with packaging tape. These can help younger students with their letters and numbers.

  Flamingo name chart 

      Teachers like everything to match. These charts match the theme and are easy to use. Save a copy with your students' names. Place sheets in matching binder.

  frog nametags classroom decorating theme kit   
     These frog nametags can be used on desks, lockers, chairs, folders, etc. Teachers type in the names once and save the file. They can print the cards off as often as needed throughout the school year.

    First impressions are important. Your classroom needs to be inviting from the moment your students first step in the doorway. Pick a theme that will make children excited to be part of your class! 


      Try a free theme sample by downloading the binder cover examples above. See how easy it is to edit files and create a classroom where each of your students feel unique and special. How will you decorate your Classroom this year? 

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