First Year Teachers Rejoice!

Hi teacher friends and in case no one else has said it lately, I will be the first to say:

THANKS for all you do!  You ARE changing lives every single day, whether it is noticed or not.  I truly appreciate all you do for your students.  :)

Speaking of teaching being a difficult profession at times, I know personally for me, my first year was THE toughest!  In fact, my first full month, I secretly cried in my room every day after school.  And normally I am a collected person that can handle stress pretty well.  But it was completely overwhelming.

As I was thinking about that year (which I did survive and which taught me so many valuable lessons), I posted a thread on Facebook that asked for advice you would give to a First Year Teacher.  There were almost 200 comments and all AMAZING pieces of advice!

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I knew I would have to make a freebie eBook to compile all the responses!

Thanks to all who contributed - the eBook ended up being 30 pages long and would be a perfect gift for a graduating student teacher, someone new to the field (or even a different grade level), or just to review even for a veteran teacher.

  Teacher Appreciation and First Year Advice for new teachers and veteran teachers alike! Stop by and grab a freebie as well! 

Enjoy!  Are there other suggestions you think should be added?  Feel free to leave them in the comments at Organized Classroom


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