Classroom DIY Sticky Notes

Have you always wondered how to print on sticky notes?  I have you covered right here!

How To Make Custom Sticky Notes

It's a lot easier than you think!  The best part with personalized sticky notes is that you can change the font and content to make a cute and cheap learning tool which is perfect for your own classroom of students! Want to learn how to print right on a 3x3 sticky note?  Check it out...  

Materials needed:

  • Some 3x3 sticky notes
  • Template {grab the free one at the end of this post}
  • Printer

Step One:

After choosing the designs you wish to use, add your sticky notes to a blank template.

Step Two:

Place the page back into the paper carrier, making sure it is facing down if your printer prints on the opposite side as it pulls through.

Step Three:

Grab your page out of the printer and start sticking!

What could you use custom printed sticky notes for in the classroom?

I have 24 different ways to use custom sticky notes for your classroom that will get your wheels turning at Organized Classroom!

Would you like a FREE pack of templates?

I created a fun template pack of kindness quotes, a reading strategies set, time filler make a word game, and Find Someone Who.  Plus a blank template to place your blank sticky notes on when printing!

Grab it below.


What else would you use custom sticky notes for in your classroom?  I would love to hear your ideas in a comment at Organized Classroom!


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