Simple Assessment Method

Here is a fun idea for you to try and it’s a completely informal assessment, but it kind of gives you some bearing on how the lesson went for the day.

It’s very simple to use. Throughout the lesson they can have this sitting in a folder, in their desk, … or if you just want to hand them out at the beginning of the lesson.  As you are going through the lesson, maybe give them a multiple choice question and say, ” What do you think that the answer to this math problem is? A, B, C, or D?” Perhaps have some multiple choice options done ahead of time or you can write them up on the board or the smart board, transparency if you still use an overhead. The student figures out what he or she believes the answer is, they take the paper, and fold it so it is accessible to the answer they want to show.

Want your own free response cards?

Want your own free response cards?

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~ Charity

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