A Timeline of My Day

All students could use a little extra practice with elapsed time.  

(Sometimes I could use a little, because I'm always running out of time... I MUST be doing something wrong!  HA!)

So, why not have them create a "Timeline of their Day" and find the elapsed time that way?

Teach your students about elapsed time by having them create a timeline of their day with this engaging freebie!

One way I do that is by giving my students this sheet here.  Students take it home and keep track of their daily activities on a Saturday or a Sunday.  Then they return on Monday and we discuss it.  It's great practice for telling time, representing time on an analog clock, and of course elapsed time!

You can head over to my blog post, Strategies to Teach Elapsed Time, and pick up this freebie.  While you're there, feel free to read all about the different strategies I use to teach elapsed time!

Happy Teaching!

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