Expressions of Gratitude

This time of year, students and families reach out to us with their gratitude.  I love receiving my gifts, and always make it a point to write a thank you card to each student and their family.  In years past, I would write my thank you cards over my holiday break.  It began, however, to hang over my head during my break.  In fact, there were several years where I found myself spending the Sunday night before going back to work writing thank you cards.  So, I began writing my thank you cards before going home for holiday break.  I find an engaging activity for my students to do the last day of school (sometimes, it's a cute film) and I write out their thank you cards.  I don't open the gifts in front of my students, I usually will jot down what the gift was on a sheet of paper during a break.  Then, while my students are engaged I write out the notes.

Typically, I set the completed cards aside and pass them out the first day back at work.

I created these free thank you cards, so that other teachers would have a quick and free way to thank their students and families as well. These thank you cards are easy to put together. Simply print, xerox, and fold.

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