It Matters What Children See and Hear

It matters what children see and hear.  They breathe it in like air and will model it before your eyes. Their models are their parents and family members — we know what we know from our families.  We inadvertently do what they do without even knowing it until someone points it out.

 My daughter sent me a video of my 11 month old grandchild.  She was “reading a book.”  She knew just what to do with a book.  You sit with it; you open it, look at the page, than you say words.  When you are done talking, you turn the page from right to left.  When you close the book you pick up another book.  While watching her sister, our 4 year old granddaughter said, “Oh my goodness”, which informed me what she hears Mommy and Daddy say in their home.

 Everything you know you learned in your family.  Your family values, ethics, habits, sense of right and wrong shape your behaviors and influence the decisions you make every day.  I tell my students, in a few years, you will leave your home and go out into the world to make a life for yourself.  Will the rules and expectations you grew up with be the same, or will they change. A Genogram / family tree project is an opportunity to evaluate your family — what do you like, what do you not like, what will you change when you make your own home.  Your home — your rules.
The purpose of the family tree is to answer the questions
1.     Why am I the way I am
2.     Why do I say the things I say
3.     Why do I respond the way I do
4.     Why am I argumentative, or shy, or quiet, or boisterous or angry, or calm — you get the picture
5.     Why do I believe what I believe

To assist in looking back at family history, download a free genogram lesson by clicking on the link below: 


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