Math Workshop Overview

Do you want to set up math workshop in your classroom, but you just aren't sure how it all works?  I completely understand!  I was in your shoes several years ago too!  Here is the good news - you can do it - and it doesn't have to be at the beginning of the year!

I have here for you, my math workshop overview pin that went viral.  This pin is in pdf form and lays it all out for you so you can see just how the ins and outs of it works.  I've gotten many requests for it and it's been very helpful for others to print it out and see it!

Are you wanting to start math workshop, but you just aren't sure how to get it started?  Check out this free download, where you can print this pin in pdf form - the structure of math workshop!  FREE!

I touched up the pdf version so that it was a bit nicer and it is available here for you to download and print for free!  You can also read all about math workshop on my blog (where I also have more freebies!) by clicking here.

Happy Teaching!

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