Increase that Vocabulary

Vocabulary is so important in school - no matter what grade or subject area you teach!  Over at my blog, The Owl Teacher, I have so many ideas and tips on how you can increase vocabulary in your classroom, along with how you can spark interest in words.  

But today, I have for you a fun little activity I like to do before I get started with a new story or unit to gauge what my students understand and don't.  

Gauge your students' levels of understanding of vocabulary before a unit to differentiate!  Read how and grab a freebie to get started.
I always give my students this chart here - and sometimes I have the words prefilled or I just write them on the board for them to insert - and I have them mark the column based on their level of understanding of the word.  For instance, if the vocabulary word was "wrinkle" I would have students mark one of the four columns, "I know this," "I know something about this," "I have heard of this before," or "This is new to me."  This is a great way for me to get an idea how much the class knows ahead of time and I can differentiate.  I can also group students based on their vocabulary.  

If you head over to my blog by clicking here, you can read the other vocabulary tips and download this fun freebie!  

Happy Teaching----

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