Interactive Fractions on a Number Line

I don't know about you, but my students always seemed to have a much harder time with linear fractions (and fractions of a set!) than they did with just the regular, good old area (shade in 1/2, eg.) fractions.

I've found that my students needed a lot more time and practice to fully understand fractions on a number line.  They also benefitted from having a variety of different kinds of lessons, games, and activities, so they could work with fractions on a number line in a bunch of different ways.

Because of this, I created a fractions on a number line team challenge.  It's great for your more interpersonal and kinesthetic learners and helps all your students with problem solving.

You can get it for free here:
Fractions on a Number Line 'Building Bridges' Teamwork Challenge.

In this activity, the students will need to work together (in teams or as a whole class) to use the clues to build five fraction number line "bridges."  They'll need to rely on their problem solving and logic skills, as well as their interpersonal and kinesthetic modalities

Here's what the "bridges" will look like if they are successful:

Students can even come up with their own set of clues for building their own 'bridges' and challenge each other to build them!

Happy (Fractions on a Number Line) Teaching!!

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