Teaching Multiplication Shortcuts

My favorite thing to teach about multiplication is all the neat things you can do with the nines!  I mean, you can line them up and see patterns like this:

There are all kinds of fun patterns and shortcuts that we can teach children to help them learn their multiplication facts a bit better.  I know they need to memorize them, but we can still help them get down some shortcuts on their way to memorization.

Over at my blog, I discuss all the fun activities I do to help my students learn their multiplication shortcuts.  (Along with a free printable to get you started too!) You will also find there this FREE anchor chart for you that breaks down all the Multiplication Shortcuts for ALL of the multiplication facts.

Make your next Multiplication Unit a fun one with all these multiplication shortcut ideas!  
Head here now to read all about the activities and ideas!  Then grab your freebies!  

Have a great day!

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