Reviewing Can Be a Heart Breaker!

As the end of the year winds down,  I always like to review a lot of what we learned throughout the year (I do this anyway as the year progresses).  One way that I like to review is by playing a game called Heart Breaker!  (No, your students won't cry - or at least, mine never did.)
To play this game, you will break students up into groups or teams and ask one of the teams a review question.  If the team answers correctly, they draw a heart card.  Depending on which card they draw, they will either earn the number of points on the card, or they will lose half their points if they draw the heart breaker card.  This continues back and forth between the teams.  At the end the team with the most points win!

This game can easily be played with task cards, worksheets, questions at the end of a chapter, or any review questions!  It's fun and completely random.  

I have included the hearts with points and instructions.  All you need to do is print, cut, and laminate (for durability if desired).  Just click on the picture above to download it!  You can also read about this fun activity here on my blog.

Happy Reviewing!

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