Help Students Add and Subtract with Graphic Organizers

Every year, I tell my students that as mathematicians we have many tools in our tool box (our brains). Many of my kiddos come to me believing there is only one way to solve a problem. These students believe they have to memorize a specific set of steps in order to solve a problem. Click here to download my FREE mathematician toolbox poster!

I teach my little mathematicians about efficiency and using the right tool for us at the time. What is the right tool for one student may not be the right tool for another.

I have created a set of addition and subtraction graphic organizers. These organizers may be used to display many ways to solve a problem. I like letting a small group complete this organizer together. Each person may select a method they think would be best for the given problem. As students are working, I like asking them to justify why they selected that strategy (tool). Click here to get your FREE addition and subtraction graphic organizers.

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