Persuasion -- it is all about the story.  Stories are an art form and we use them as an analogy to build lessons.  You might not remember the facts, but most people think about the stories and the emotions involved.  Stories tend to activate the imagination -- personal thoughts and emotions.

The purpose of a Health class is to give people information so they can make good decisions. So, we teach units about sex, drugs and nutrition etc. We give students good information, but students may get a good grade on each topic while still maintaining their current attitudes and behaviors. Information persuades some people, what transforms most is the story that you attach with the information. The story is a tool that activates the imagination of each one of your students. They see their future happiness threatened, which creates feelings leading to a decision being made. Information doesn’t do that. Information is the logic and rational thought you use to defend your position after you made your decision. Here is an example:

Sex, drugs, easy money all come attached to something:

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