Personality Styles -- Who Am I

DOPE Personality Test — Dove, Owl, Eagle, and Peacock

Personality Styles lessons are a great way of following up a Goals or Good Intentions unit.  Everyone loves to figure out  — "Who Am I?"   (Once people begin to develop goals and recognize the difference between a goal and a good intention, they then need to understand themselves better) A lot of people struggle with “Who Am I and I wish I could be more like ____________ (fill in the blank). We desire the qualities we see in others, while not appreciating, or even being aware of the great qualities we do possess.  Personality Styles help to focus people toward identifying their individual personality/character traits. It helps to:
  1. Explain why we do what we do, like what we like,
  2. Gives reasons to appreciate one’s strengths,
  3. Makes it clear, why some of our actions may appear as a weaknesses, when compared to another personality type, and
  4. Gives one an appreciation of themselves.

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By Janet McCoy


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