Student Portfolio Cover Pages

Student portfolios are a great way to track student progress.  They allow students to see their own growth throughout the school year (and even across multiple grades) in a very concrete way.  My kids always loved to look back at their work from September because they can really see how much they have learned.   Student portfolios also help keep parents focused on student growth and learning instead of test scores.

I make my student portfolios with binders, so that work can be added or taken out throughout the school year.  We use tabs to separate each of the Common Core strands, but they could also be done by subject or IEP goal.  I like the binders that have the plastic covered opening on the front, so students can slide their portfolio cover page in and make it look very official. 

We decorate our student portfolio covers on the very first day of school. 

PRO TIP: Student portfolios are perfect for documenting RTI!!

Happy Teaching (with Student Portfolios)!!

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