Happy New Year!!

I have the PERFECT freebie to help your students become better writers this year!!

Have you had this problem?:

We’ve all said it to our students: “Try using a better word...be more descriptive!”.... So what happens next? They grab a thesaurus but pick the wrong word from the list of synonyms provided. Students often choose the wrong word because 
traditional thesauruses do not provide context. 

My Picture Thesauruses (or Synonym Cards as people like to call it) 
are the perfect solution to this problem!!

This FREEBIE focuses on the word "angry". Download it to see how it works!!! 
The visuals provide students with context and the words are grouped together based on the nuances of the words (ie. shades of meaning).

Click on the image or click {here} to get to the free download.

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