Reading Response Page for ANY Book!

In my ideal teacher's toolbox, I'd have a box of emergency lesson plans to be used in case I need to be gone unexpectedly.  As a school librarian I have 6 grades to prepare for, so planning for a guest teacher can be challenging with little notice.  How nice it would be to leave this message in my sub folder:  "In the event that I do not leave specified lesson plans for you to follow, please find the emergency plans located in the blue rubber maid tub in the cupboard behind my desk."

I created my own answer to this last year when, due to a family emergency, I  needed to be away from my library for 10 days without notice.  I was planning from a hospital on my computer and created  a reading response page that addressed several Common Core Standards and can be used with any book and any grade level!  Younger students can draw pictures and older students can write sentences in response to a read aloud story appropriate for their grade level.  You can leave a set of these pages in your emergency plan box along with a list of suggested picture books for each grade.  Your guest teacher can choose a book from the list that is available in your library, and easily facilitate some valuable learning in your absence.

I'd like to share this resource with you to help you be a little more prepared in advance in your own classroom or library.  Click the image for a link to the document in google drive.

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