New Year's Crown

It is almost New Years. For many of us that means we will be making New Year’s resolutions. I am hoping mine will last longer than it did last year. I haven’t had much success in the New Year’s resolution department. Even so, New Years is a great time to talk to our students about goal setting. Some students will want to set short term goals such as: paying better attention or completing all of their homework. Other students will want to set long term goals such as scoring well on standardize tests or getting into the National Honor Society. I have created a New Year’s crown you may use as you and your students discuss short term and long term goals. Your kiddos may write their goal(s) on the front of the crown. Then, they should cut both the front and the back piece out along the outside edge. Next, they will put glue on the gray rectangles on the back piece. Finally, they will connect the back piece to the front piece. Click here to get your FREE New Year’s crown!

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