Causation Cards are the next best thing!

I know, it's winter break.  Who is thinking about school right now?  Well, I'm sure somewhere someone is thinking about it... or maybe you are catching up now that you finally have a minute to breathe.  

Hold on- I know, you just saw the economic part and was thinking, "I don't teach that- I'm outta here!"  Just hear me out- read on!

Economic Causation cards FREE task cards for practicing fluency and reviewing content

Have you heard of causation cards?  I love these cards.  They are like task cards or even like the fun game, "I have..., Who has..."  So you are really wondering what I am talking about!  Causation Cards are a fun way to review important content or even vocabulary terms.  

Since research says that students learn best when they are up and moving around (rather than sitting quietly in rows staring at the teacher...uh-hem, my childhood), these cards incorporate just that!  

Alright Owl Teacher, you are taking a long time here.  Movement.  Task Cards.  Review Content.  Just get to it would you! 

review strategies fun classroom fluency practice task cards

With these cards the teacher passes out a card to each student.  Each student reads their card.  On it will be the end of a sentence of the person's card before them.  That's how they will know it is their turn (see- they have to be listening to everyone around them.  Listening skills being practiced- a CCSS requirement.  Awesome!  What kiddo doesn't need to practice listening?)  The second spot on the card then describes what action that cardholder does and what they say while doing it.  For instance, a student may go to the board and write a word while describing it.  Some student may fall down and play dead when talking about how volcanoes can be destructive such as at Pompeii.  

These cards are fabulous for students to practice fluency and expression.  Plus, they are moving and later they remember that action associated with the content.  Finally, I guarantee students will be asking to do it again because they LOVE it so much!!  They'll ask to do it again.  I always let them to see if they can do it faster the second time around (plus, that content is getting stuck in their head even more!)

So here is a free set for you- Economic Causation Cards - just to give you an idea of what I am talking about.  Research shows that people understand best by having a hands-on experience! 

Even if you don't teach social studies or economics- check them out for FREE anyway to see if you think causation cards are the next best thing!  What do you have to lose?

Click here and it'll take you to my TpT store where you can download these really neat causation cards for FREE!  I promise you'll love it - or you can throw your eggnog at me!

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