Name Activities for First Week of School

At the beginning of every school year teachers are gearing up to learn the names of their new students. Even before the kids walk in the door, most teachers have name cards in place and display boards with student names waiting for art work to be added.

Here are a couple of fun name activities you can do with your kids in the first week of school.  

 What's Your Name?  Two fun and engaging activities for the first week of school.

 In Name Scoot, students  write their name and answer two questions about themselves.  Then they "scoot" around the room and make words with the letters in the person's name.  It's fun to see who gets the most words written with their name. 

Name Scoot, kids will have a blast scooting around the room trying to think of words that can be made with the letters in the name at the top of the page.

For this activity students take the page home and ask their parents about the history of their name.  Lots of fun to share the information when they bring them back to school.

Fun activity for the first week of school.  Students interview their parents to learn a little about their name.  Then they share with the class.

I hope your school year gets off to a wonderful start!

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