Sight Word Assessment Checklist

Keeping track of sight word progress in your Kindergarten classroom can be quite time consuming and often involves a lot of paper! One way around this is to keep ongoing electronic records, only printing them out after mastery is achieved, if required. Here's a little freebie to help you do the same!

In this assessment pack, 40 high frequency words (Pre-Primer) have been included. There are four assessment cards for students to read. I like to have students come to me with their cards while I am at the computer. I simple click in the box if they read the word correctly or leave the box blank if they still need more practice.

Four columns have been included for those wishing to check accuracy several times and to cater for those students who do not achieve accuracy the first time. Not all columns need to be completed. A section for typing/writing extra comments has also been included.

I simply save a copy of this file for each student in the class (instructions included in the download) and have a simple way of recording sight word recall without too many trees being hurt in the process :) Click the images above or HERE to get your copy!

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