Parts of Speech Webs

Hi there!  It's Hannah from The Classroom Key talking about parts of speech.

Adjectives? Adverbs? Nouns?  I'm pretty sure when we start introducing multiple parts of speech they just start swimming around in kids' heads like fish in a tank.  Here is a tool to help kids put the pieces together into a bigger picture.

This is what the finished product might look like after your kids have filled it all out:

The file includes four different versions with spaces for either 3, 4, 5, or 6 different parts of speech depending on how many you would like to study with your kids.



I liked putting a blank web right at the front of my students' grammar workbooks.  Then as we learned new parts of speech during the year we would fill out a few of the bubbles.  It was nice to refer back to now and then.

I also made a big version of the web on my wall:

Grab some webs and give it a try in your classroom!

Happy teaching!

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