Nonfiction FREEBIE! Using Text Features to Improve COMPREHENSION!

Howdy!  Jen Bradshaw here from 

FREE Non-fiction resources and printables for the classroom.

This time of year... it's ALL about NON-FICTION!

I know it's NOT all about testing, but... when we take notice of how students are currently assessed, there is no getting around the fact that non-fiction is a HUGE deal!

Teach your students to look at the text before they begin reading!  This will help your students to notice what is important to the author, and help to improve their overall comprehension skills.  

When the author highlights certain parts of the text with headings, bolded words, graphics, etc. it is likely important to the overall text.  

The non-fiction graphic printables included in this freebie will encourage your kiddos to:

  • seek out important text features
  • think about the information presented
  • make a decision on why the author added the particular text features 
  • better understand the text AND IMPROVE COMPREHENSION

Using text features to teach nonfiction.
Using non-fiction text features in the classroom

Non-fiction text feature graphic organizer.

Non-fiction text feature tools.

If you would like to read more about teaching your students about non-fiction text features, and get the non-fiction FREEBIES too, please click here or on the graphic below.

Graphic organizers for non-fiction text features.

Best wishes!

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