Holiday Traditions Writing - Student Made Gifts

It feels a little early to be talking about holiday gifts, but with my young authors I need to start now. This is by far my favorite student made gift I have ever done. I think it's the perfect gift whether you are teaching kindergarten or sixth. Plus, students can write about whatever holiday they celebrate.
Click on the image to download this free product from TpT. This product includes all of the papers for making this book in the primary grades, but you can easily make it more upper grade friendly by using your own paper. 

  • Plan ahead. If your students are young, have them take home a traditions brainstorming paper so they come to class with ideas and ready to write. For older students, have them brainstorm their ideas in class and keep the project more of a secret.
  • Have students write an introduction, then write each tradition up as a separate page and end with a closing statement.
  • Depending on the age of your students, create final drafts by having students write it, type it or read it to someone else who types it for them. Personally I prefer to read things in my own child's handwriting, but in first it's just too labor intense, so I have parent helpers type while my students read it to them, but then I also include the rough draft in the final gift. Just make sure no one types their own gift!
  • Binding - I like to use wrapping paper and ribbon for a festive binding, but you could bind it in many different ways. The directions for my binding are included in the download.
  • Have your students illustrate it. You can also include an all about the author page and dedication page. 
  • Wrap and send home.
What family won't love to read about their own family traditions from their child's point of view? What a great gift that fits right into your daily schedule. Happy Holidays!

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