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Do you have students that have the ability to read words, but struggle to remember what they read?

Can your students correctly answer basic questions, but have a difficult time when the questions require a deeper understanding?

It sounds like your students may not know how to make connections to text.  For our kiddos to be real readers, they must know how to actively make deep connections to the text they are reading.

If you are looking for a very simple way to boost your students' reading comprehension TODAY, then you can't live without these three reading strategies!

1.  Text-to-Self Connections:  A connection between the book and your life experiences.
how to make text connections to improve comprehension teacherkarma.com
Text-to-self connections

2.  Text-to-Text Connections: A connection between the book and another book or text you have read.
How to improve comprehension TeacherKarma.com
Text-to-text connections

3.  Text-to-World Connections:  A connection between the book and events in the real world.
Making connections to text.  teacherkarma.com
Text-to-world connections

Click on one of the Text Connection anchor charts above to get your FREE copy and read more about how to improve reading comprehension.

Enjoy and Best Wishes!

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