WILD card games

Do your kids like to play games?  Are you looking for some better ways to manage your math centers?  How about a card game that is played like Uno, but has an educational twist?

I created these games as a way to help my son, who is autistic, practice playing games for his social skills work.  He especially needed to practice losing (who doesn't, right?!?).

Since he loves Uno,  I wanted to change up the game without making him learn a bunch of new rules.  He also loves math (he brings a calculator with him wherever we go and has memorized the first 120 digits of pi) so I started simple with multiplication.  He loved it so much, we created other versions!

We got his sister involved too.  We actually all really like the game and play often.  Sometimes, we even mix up the decks and play with an even bigger deck of cards and with more of a challenge.

And, you can grab the full version of the multiplication game for FREE!

I would love to hear your thoughts of the games!  

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